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Did you know that fortnite is updated regularly? It’s a popular online game in the United States and Canada. The most recent version upgrade took place on 18-September-2022. The downtime was reported by @FortniteStatus via Twitter.

The fortnite team stated that they would notify about the end of the downtime once the upgrade process has been completed. Let’s see Why are Fortnite Servers not Responding.


The Fortnite team advised players during the September update that the downtime would start 30 minutes before the upgrade. The Fortnite team is doing the same.

If you experience downtime, don’t worry. Fortnite will be upgraded from version 22.00 to version 22.10. The upgrade will begin on October 4, at 04:00 ET (08:00 UTC).

You should note that an app or gaming platform can be upgraded at any time and users cannot log in or use its services.

Are Fortnite Servers down ?

Yes, Fortnite servers have been down for a while. The application and the game will not be updated if any player uses it. These updates will only be installed if the device is turned on, and not in use.

Fortnite stated that matchmaking would be disabled for 30 minutes before the upgrade was successful. We are currently looking at 03:30 ET (07:30 UTC), for the system to go down.

It is unknown when the downtime will end. Some websites report a 12-hour downtime. It is important to note that updating an app or gaming platform can take some time to resolve software and system conflicts.

Fortnite Servers Status will take a little longer even after a successful installation. The version will need to establish a live connection to the server, sync user data from the server and adapt to the new environment. It may also take time to resolve server and device conflict.


A version upgrade will be performed today, Tuesday 4th October 2022. It was announced on Twitter at 2:37 AM today. Fortnite players were not aware of the problem and attempted to fix it by following regular troubleshooting steps like restarting the device, verifying wireless and wired networks, etc. To find out when it will end, please join the Fortnite Twitter Channel.

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