codpts . – Come back and join us for a discussion on and the Cod Mobile game, where recently Cod Mobile game users were amazed by the existence of codpts. com , which is said to be the case that codpts . Com is a way to obtain Cp for free. This is why we’re discussing Cp services you can utilize, such as codpts . com.

Codpts . Com provides an online generator utilized to earn Cp for Cod Mobile. Cod Mobile game, where you can use codpts . Com, you are able to quickly gain a significant amount of Cp into the account of your Cod Mobile account for free and without the need to purchase it using the funds you already have.

The game’s creator does not suggest that players utilize generators that generate no-cost Cp. As it could result in your account experiencing problems in the future, and many generators are scams and only make money from Cod mobile game users.

If, however, you are interested and want to play around with codpts . com, we would suggest making an account that is new. This will prevent the account you normally use from experiencing issues. How do you make use of codpts . com? Read our discussion in the following:

  • First, activate internet data on your device
  • Visit codpts and open a browser at the address:
  • Then, enter then your Cod Mobile account username.
  • Click on the Connect button, and then wait for the connection process to be completed.
  • Decide the number of Cp you’d like to purchase and then click to generate.
  • Allow the process to be completed before you begin to check the Cp that was generated.

Whatever the reason you are employing a generator like codpts . is a dangerous method that could lead to the Cod Mobile account having problems. Also, there is another reason not to using codpts . com is that there’s a more secure method you could take part, for instance, by taking part in a contest which is available over the internet.