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About Crime Scene Pictures

All crime scene photos are taken at the time the crime occurred. These photos are taken by police, or other authorities after the crime has been committed. These photos help with the investigation. These photos can be used as evidence for a grisly and notorious killing. These photos can create horror in people’s minds. Ted Bundy, a serial killer, is well-known for his 1970s murder spree. He managed to escape the eye of the police.

Facts About Crimescene Photos Ted Bundy

Ted Bundy, a notorious serial killer from the 1970s, was infamous. His murder spree was a source of horror for all. These photos show the brutality of his killing spree. Bundy may have killed innocent teenage girls. Bundy transported during a time when hitchhiking was the most common method of transport. Bundy began the terror in the 1970s while he was living in Seattle. Below are some facts about Ted Bundy:

Date of birthNovember 24, 1946
DeathJanuary 24, 1989
FatherTheodore Robert Cowell
MotherEleanor Louise Cowell
Acused ofKidnapping and Assault
Executed atFlorida State Prison, Raiford

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  • Who’s Ted Bundy?
  1. serial killer.
  • In what year did Bundy inflict terror?
  1. In the 1970s.
  • Who were his target?
  1. Innocent teen girls.
  • Where did he begin terror?
  1. Seattle.
  • To which place did he take teen girls?
  1. From California to Florida
  • In what year was Bundy executed
  1. 1989
  • What was Bundy’s accusation?
  1. Kidnapping and criminal assault


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