Eric Quinn, Oglethorpe University is mourning the loss of a beloved figure in its community. Eric Quinn ’13, an accomplished golfer and dedicated assistant coach who left an indelible mark both within the university golf program and on its wider community, tragically passed away unexpectedly at 32 on Wednesday afternoon, November 1. This news left many reeling with shock as people come together in mourning his sudden and heartfelt passing.

Eric wasn’t just an athlete – he was also an embodiment of passion and excellence that inspired everyone around him. Eric played on the 2012 NCAA Division III National Champion men’s golf team which showcased Eric’s incredible golf prowess on the green. He led the Stormy Petrels to victory and a No. 1 national ranking, creating a legacy that would resonate for years to come.

What Were Eric Quinn’s Achievements in Golf?

Eric Quinn’s achievements were not just impressive–they were record-setting. He was named the Southern Collegiate Athletic Conference (SCAC) Player of the Year in 2012, achieved All-American status in 2013, and is remembered for his four major tournament wins–a feat that places him fifth all-time in Oglethorpe history.

Eric didn’t just play; he led. As a two-year captain, Eric exuded leadership and tenacity that motivated his teammates. His consistent elite level performance earned him all-conference team selection each season of his career; Eric set an SCAC championship record first round score with his 67 in 2012 while also placing third all time best 54 hole score (213).

How Did Eric Quinn Impact Oglethorpe University?

Head golf coach Jim Owen, who recruited Eric from Norcross High School in 2009, summed up his impact: “Oglethorpe will never be the same.” Eric’s love for the university was unconditional. His daily thoughts were consumed by what he could do to make Oglethorpe a better place. He didn’t just love the institution; he embodied it, living out its values in every aspect of his life.

After graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in economics, Eric briefly left Oglethorpe to compete on the mini-tour circuit around Georgia, achieving commendable finishes on the Peach State Pro Tour and the Open Golf Atlanta Tour. However, his commitment to Oglethorpe saw him return in 2015 as assistant golf coach. He was instrumental in leading the Petrels to further success, including the women’s program’s first all-America first team selection, Sarah Hsu.

What Is the Significance of Eric Quinn’s Coaching Career?

Eric’s transition from player to coach was seamless, indicative of his comprehensive understanding of the game and his ability to mentor and inspire upcoming golfers. His tenure as assistant golf coach was not merely a job but a continuation of his commitment to Oglethorpe’s legacy. His guidance was crucial in elevating the women’s golf program to new heights, showcasing his versatility and dedication to the development of student-athletes.

Who Survives Eric Quinn and How Can They Be Supported?

Eric’s untimely departure leaves behind a family who cherished him: his parents, Mike and Kathy Quinn, his sisters, Rebecca and Kelley, and his wife, Barbara. Eric’s death has created an indescribably palpable hole in their lives and those around him.

Eric was fondly remembered by his family. To honor Eric’s memory and provide support to Oglethorpe University. Donations may be made here. These contributions will support the areas of the university dear to Eric, allowing his legacy to be preserved and celebrated for future generations. Donations can be made in his name, ensuring that his memory continues to inspire and his values endure.

What Are the Arrangements for Honoring Eric Quinn’s Memory?

As the Oglethorpe University community comes to terms with this profound loss, plans are being made to honor Eric’s memory appropriately. Details regarding services and other memorial arrangements will be provided as they become available. These commemorations will provide a space for collective mourning and a celebration of Eric’s life and contributions.

How Will Eric Quinn Be Remembered?

Eric Quinn will be remembered as a beacon of light in the Oglethorpe community–a man whose achievements on the golf course were surpassed only by his character off of it. Women’s basketball coach and long-time friend Alex Richey expressed that the world has lost some of its brightness with Eric’s passing. Yet, his legacy continues to shine, capable of bringing a smile to those who knew and loved him.

In Conclusion

Eric Quinn lived a life that honored dedication, excellence and the Oglethorpe spirit. While his loss will be deeply felt in our community, we take comfort from knowing his legacy will live on as inspiration to current and future Oglethorpe students, athletes and coaches. Through their memories and the support of the university, Eric’s influence will continue to shape the institution he loved so dearly.


  • Who was Eric Quinn?
  • Eric Quinn was an Oglethorpe alumnus, former golfer, and assistant coach.
  • How did Eric Quinn pass away?
  • Eric Quinn’s cause of death has not been disclosed.
  • What were Eric Quinn’s accomplishments?
  • He was an NCAA champion, SCAC Player of the Year, and All-American.
  • How can one honor Eric Quinn’s memory?
  • Donations can be made to Oglethorpe University in his name.
  • When will Eric Quinn’s memorial service be?
  • Memorial service details will be provided when available.