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This article is stocked with all possible words that are derived from Cre as well as their definitions. We’ve gathered them from numerous sources to offer you comprehensive notes on the newest words. Continue reading the full article to find out new words. five letter words that begin with the letter Cre!

The words from 5 letters that begin with CRE

  • Creak – a sharp sound that is squeaking (of an object or pattern typically a wooden pattern) creates a loud high-pitched sound when it is transferred or when weight or tension is present.
  • Credo- a statement of the main principles or goals which guide someone’s pursuits.
  • Creeds-based faith or a system of belief based on the beliefs of religion
  • The term “Creek” can refer by its name as a bio river of water that is usually fresher than, and often a tributary of the stream.
  • Creel- A huge creeper basket to carry fish, or a frame that grips spinners/bobbins when it is spinning.

5 Letter Word Starting With Cre

  • Slowly move without making any noises to keep from being heard or noticed.
  • It is an indigenous species found in a vast area in middle Canada or the Algonquian creed’s diction almost identical to Montagnais comprised of around sixty thousand orators.
  • Cremais an oblong brown froth that is placed on top of freshly made espresso coffee.
  • Cremeis a substance or an ingredient with a creamy and dense consistency.
  • Creams are the yellowish-white portion of milk that contains butterfat.
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  • The Crane is a massive long machine used to move large objects by suspending them from an shaft or extension
  • CreonThe Creon Creon is a sculpture from Greek mythology that is best known as the chief of Thebes in the myth of Oedipus
  • Crepeis a thin, thinner pancake or a lightweight material that has wrinkled outside
  • Crepy- with dry creased impression reminiscent of crepe
  • Crescis an increase in the sound, or the melody symbol or orientation that demonstrates it.
  • CreweCrewe Crewe is a railway city and social parish within the administration unitary of Cheshire East in England.
  • Last 5 Letter Word Starting With Cre,
  • Crews- personnel, staff or team.

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