Harish Salve was born in Warud Maharashtra, on June 22, 2005. He has been surrounded his entire life by intellect and diligence. His father, N.K.P. Salve was a respected chartered account, and his mother Ambriti Salve dedicated her life to education. Salve’s unique combination of academics and finance gave him a unique view of the world. Salve’s initial education began in Nagpur. He then pursued an economics degree at St. Stephen’s College of Delhi University. His legal career was set up by a solid foundation.

Climbing The Legal Ladder

Salve entered the legal profession in 1980. This marked the start of a career which would eventually make him one the most sought after lawyers around the globe. It’s not easy to achieve the honor of being named Senior Advocate at the Supreme Court of India. This is reserved for those with exceptional legal prowess. He was able to gain more experience during his tenure as Attorney General Soli Sorabjee, but he declined a second term out of respect for personal reasons. His legacy as an Indian legal luminary doesn’t end there. In 2020, he made headlines internationally when he became a Queen’s counsel for the courts in England and Wales.

Net Worth & Fees

Salve’s stature as one of the world’s highest-paid lawyers speaks volumes about his unmatched knowledge. Salve’s net worth is $6 million. It’s evident that his clients appreciate his work. His fees range from 6 to 15 lakhs for each case appearance. Some clients have paid him staggering amounts. TN Godavarman Thirumulpad paid him Rs 60 crore once, and Mukesh ambani Rs 15 crore. But it’s more than just accumulation. Salve, which paid a tax amounting to 175 crores, has also made a significant contribution to the country.

Marriage and Personal Life

Salve’s life is as interesting as his career. Salve’s first marriage with Meenakshi, in 1982, gave him two daughters: Saniya & Sakshi. The pressures of his demanding professional career led to a 38-year divorce. Salve soon found comfort in the company Caroline Brossard. She is a London-based painter, and they will marry in 2020. Life had yet another chapter to write. Salve married his third wife Trina of British descent in a grand ceremony attended by the crème de la crème of society.

Beyond Caste and Religion

Salve’s career journey is a testament that success can be achieved regardless of caste or religion in a country often divided by these factors. Salve’s stellar reputation is defined his skill, dedication and unwavering commitment towards justice.

Harish Salve’s journey from the backstreets of Warud, to the international legal stage is, in conclusion, a tale of grit and determination. It also demonstrates his unmatched expertise. This is the story of a man that not only redefined but also shaped the legal world