In football betting, in addition to mastering how to play and equipping themselves with the necessary skills and experience, players need to know how to calculate betting money. So how to calculate the exact amount of betting? The following article from bet app tz will guide players on how to calculate money in football betting in the most detailed way.

                Calculating football betting money for what? 

Football betting money plays a very important role for players, so we need to know how to calculate football betting money.

Calculating betting money is a way to check the credibility and safety of the house. After each bet, the player should calculate the winnings to compare with the previous odds and bets to see if they match or not, to know how reputable the house is, and also help players compare or choose. Choose an effective house address.

Calculating betting money also helps players reduce their risks when participating in football betting. When players know how to calculate betting money, it will be easy to consider whether their desired choice is reasonable or not to adjust accordingly.

Once players know how to calculate betting money, it will help them be more confident when participating in football betting and increase their chances of winning.

      The most accurate way to calculate football betting money

How to calculate betting money when winning bets

Calculating bet money when winning and eating enough

+ For Asian bets (Handicap)

Winnings = initial bet x Asian Odds.

+ For European bets (1 x 2)

Winnings = Initial Bet x European Odds.

+ For Over/Under bets

Winnings = initial bet x Over/Under Odds.

Calculating football bets when winning bets and eating half of the money.

+ For Asian Handicap (Handicap)

Win half money = (initial bet x Asian Odds) / 2.

+ For Over/Under bets

Win half money = (initial bet x Over/Under Odds) / 2.

How to calculate bet money when losing bet

– Calculating football bets when losing bets and losing enough money

Loss = initial bet.

– Calculate football betting money when losing bets and losing half of your money.

Lose half your money = 1/2 of your original bet.

   How to calculate bet money when the match result is a draw? 

In football betting, in addition to winning or losing, there are also cases of a draw between two teams, such as handicaps, Over and Under.

In the event that the two teams tie, the player will be refunded the original bet by the house and the player will preserve the original capital, as if he had never bet on that match.

    The experience required to calculate the correct bet amount

Each different form of play will have a different betting method, so players need to understand each type of play.

Calculating the bet depends on the odds of each game, so players need to know the odds of each bet to be able to calculate it correctly.

Choose a leading, reputable bookmaker to participate in football betting. Reputable bookies will offer the best and fairest odds for players, thus minimizing unnecessary risks. In addition, you should compare the odds of the bookmakers with each other. Which bookie offers the best odds for you?

With the current technological development, a number of reputable bookmakers have applied the automatic betting calculation formula, helping players feel more secure when participating and not having to do detailed calculations.


Calculating betting money is an extremely important job for players. Knowing how to calculate betting money not only helps players to consider losses but also helps them choose a reputable, guaranteed house. This helps players safely participate in football betting without facing any unfortunate risks. The information above will hopefully help you know how to calculate the betting money as well as give you some experience when calculating the most accurate money.