“It is an honor to be the president of Atletico de Madrid, to be a winner of numerous awards and to to remain a part of” to the rojiblanco club, declared Enrique Cerezo in a video released by the club in celebration of his twelfth year at the helm of the organization and in which He spoke of the achievements that his players had achieved, emphasized individuals like Luis Aragones or Fernando Torres and praised his team for having is at its current peak because of Diego Simeone.

“We had the privilege of finding an excellent coach, which is Simeone as well thanks to him, his dedication as well as his efforts and sacrifices to sport, we’re exactly in the position we are today. This is a prestigious position not just in Spain however, but all over Europe. It is the reason why by people who admire him. everyone is happy that he’s always here and will remain for a long time.” stated the president at Atletico de Madrid, who took over the presidency in 2003.

“Then there’s been an extremely important element in the economic, in that has been a player who is working 24/7 and has the name of Miguel Angel Gil Marin, which has ensured that we are in a great and stable position like it is today” Cerezo said. Cerezo who’s journey in the video starts by describing his participation in the Europa League final won in 2010 against Fulham in Hamburg and ended with Diego Forlan’s goal that was decisive in extra time.

“That is a game , and an extremely important memory due to the game, the goals, and also because the Prince of Spain and today, the King of Spain, Felipe VI was present. And I remember the photo we took with Felipe VI at the end of our game, in the room where we played. I’ve framed it with great love.” Cerezo explains. Cerezo and recalled the persona that was Quique Sanchez Flores who was the coach of the name: “When he came we were in a tense situation in the sport and it was a great success, which was his. It marked the beginning of a decade of incredible wins .”

He later mentions that he was already there having Diego Simeone at the helm of the team, it was the key to a leap to the next level: “The title that is absolutely necessary to be able to boast of an incredible sporting event as we’ve had in recent times is this one: the Copa del Rey that we took at the Bernabeu in our match in the final against Real Madrid (1-2, in 2013). From that point on, Atletico de Madrid begins to realize that they must to compete for many titles similar to what we have had in recent”.

It was the time for 2014’s League.” It wasn’t an easy one also. We attended the game (the last game with Barcelona on Camp Nou, where we won a draw Camp Nou, in which the result was enough to allow Atletico to win the title since it was 1-1) with a sense of excitement. What was most thrilling, aside from the fact that we won the title was the fact that the entire Camp Nou was there to celebrate Atletico de Madrid.”pointed at the president, who said “magnificent athletes and most of all, fantastic people have been through” throughout the more than 1000 games as the club’s president.

2. League was in the year 2000, “The Pandemic League”. “The last five, four, games were extremely difficult,” Cerezo recalled. “We were fortunate to have the luck of overcoming game by match till Valladolid was on the scene (on the final day, with the 1-2 win which was the reason he became champion). We will forever remember our time as champions of the League with no audience “he added.

“These were very difficult times because seeing the end of a League and the ending of another with no crowd in a stadium as ours is a pity” said Atletico’s president. Atletico who also spoke about the new stadium that was previously to the Vicente Calderon in the Vicente Calderon to Wanda Metropolitano: “It was a tragedy however, without a doubt it was a shift to the good. No one is going to forget the memorable times of Vicente Calderon”.

“Another one of the most important moments during my presidency as president was the day that we inaugurated the Wanda Metropolitano. It was a thrilling experience,” he added. He also mentioned the role that was Luis Aragones, “a legend in the story of Atletico de Madrid”, and Fernando Torres, “who was there for a magnificent stage and made an outstanding, international player and everybody loved the man”. “I will forever remember the respect which was presented to him upon his arrival at the stadium, with a packed field. It was a very thrilling day we all atletico played throughout,” he added.

He also mentioned Diego Forlan as “a magnificent player and scorer” and was presented with the Golden Shoe with the club. To commemorate his 1,000 games played in the 0-1 loss in the match against Manchester United, Cerezo received a commemorative plaque a few days after his training sessions at Ciudad deportiva of Majadahonda. “It is a moment won’t be forgotten. I’d like to thank Miguel Angel (Gil Marin) whom I have been a best friend and partner throughout the years, and for this particulars. I’ve given a lot of plaques to each of players. The fact that they present it to me is an honor” said he in his conclusion.