Kemper Durand Mesh reveals the truth behind the kidnapping case and the criminal history of the suspect.

Are you someone who checks the news regularly? Are you familiar with a person who is committing two crimes? The latest news about the arrest of a criminal shocked people in the United States. These kidnapping cases are usually committed by serial kidnapper. This article will discuss the kidnapping questions that were posed to a man, as well as details about Kemper durand Memphis.

What has happened in Memphis?

Cleotha Absston is the accused of kidnapping Elizabeth Fletcher, a famous billionaire heiress. Abston was known for his criminal activities in the neighborhood. Officials from Memphis finally arrested him Saturday.

This story is now trending online because it was the same person that kidnapped the renowned lawyer Kemper Durand in 2000. He was 16 years old when he kidnapped Durand. After serving 20 years in prison, he committed the same crime again.

Kemper Durand Kidnapping

Kemper Durand was kidnapped by Abston on May 25, 2000. He snatched Kemper’s car keys and then pulled Kemper into a trunk. He was then held captive in the trunk of his car for several hours. The kidnappers forced him to withdraw the cash from the ATM. Kemper was able to get help from a security guard who noticed the situation. He was then arrested by police.

He was in prison for over 20 years. On the year 2020, the culprit was released. Kemper Durand also had a history of crimes with abston. Let’s now look at Kemper-Durant Attorney.

The lawyer under abduction

Kemper Durand, a 1963 law graduate from a Tennessee University, was also a lawyer. He was an outstanding lawyer who lived his life as a great person. He married Lillian Durrand, and they had two children, Kemper Junior (and Jennings). Because of the kidnapping, 2000 was a memorable year for him. He died in a fire accident at the age of 73. He was a lawyer but he was also an artist and traveller. He donated his entire organs to the genesis donation program.

News of a Missing Memphis Woman

Abston kidnapped Fletcher, a Tennessee billionaire, last week. She went for a morning jog at 4 AM, and then an unknown person forced her into a car. Fletcher was never found, so her family filed a complaint with the police. The DNA of her sandals was found by the police, and it was confirmed that the DNA belonged to Cleotha Absston, the Kemper Durrand kidnapper. Police arrested Abston for kidnapping the woman. The entire scene was captured on the CCTV camera that was placed in the area.


The Fletcher Kidnapping Video was a key to the arrest of the suspect. Fletcher has been severely injured by the kidnappers, but police officers are still unable to locate her. Family members of Fletcher have made the statement available to the public and offered a $50,000 reward. You can learn more about it by visiting.

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