Many online casinos are inspired by legendary gambling temples around the globe that offer all sorts of services, comforts and activities that go beyond gambling. The oldest casino is in Venice, and is probably the most famous. However, the one in Montecarlo still exudes elegance. Not to mention the Bellagio in Las Vegas that is the true face of American-dream casinos.

These are the five best casinos worldwide… but you don’t have to travel far for real casino fun. 

Casino of Venice (Itay).

Ca ‘Vendramin Calergi was the first casino to open its doors in 1638. The word Casino is even Italian. It was created in the 1700s as a small place where you could play games. The complex’s 400-year-old history makes it elegant and sophisticated. It attracts both tourists and professional players. This casino offers both traditional and innovative games for gamblers.

The Venetian in Macao, China

This architectural marvel was inspired by not only the Casino di Venezia, but also the entire Italian city. It is also the sixth-largest structure in the world. You can shop, eat at one of 24 restaurants, or stay the night in one the 3,000 hotels rooms. The facility covers 52,000 square metres. You can take a gondola ride, with more than 870 games tables and 3400 slots.

Casino of Monte Carlo (Principality Monaco)

It is chronologically the second-oldest casino. It was built in the 19th century and has inspired many gambling halls. You will find authentic stained glass windows, sculptures, and paintings. This is a small kingdom that you must see at least once in order to have a real casino experience.

Bellagio Casino in Las Vegas (USA)

It was opened in 1998 and is a well-known symbol of gambling. The hotel boasts almost 4000 rooms, large halls for concerts and performances, 2250 slots machines, and more than 200 gaming table. The building’s front is heavily inspired by Italian architecture. Bellagio, a famous and luxurious town in Italy, is right on Lago di Como’s shores.

Casino of Sanremo, Italy

This Italian casino, which has been active since 1905, is the most popular location for social events and concerts. It is renowned for its elegance and hosting some of the best croupiers in Europe.

The Venetian Las Vegas (USA).

The Chinese Venetian is, to be fair, a copy of the original because it is the first casino that offers a faithful replica of Venice. Hosts can also take a gondola ride along the canals to enjoy 33,000m2 of restaurants, shops and concert halls. There are 237 gambling stations, 2400 slots machines, swimming pools, and theaters.