lost lands 7 part 3 the entire tribe of giants was bloodbathed by ur, only one shaman who was seriously injured still had a breath, she recounted what happened here before dying, ur’s scepter was handed over to the tribe for safekeeping , because the tribe people were reluctant to tell Ur where the scepter was hidden, so Ur wiped out the entire tribe , and the shaman told Susan that the scepter was hidden in a tree on a hidden island , in order not to let Ur get it Scepter, Susan needs to find the scepter before Ur. The following editor will bring the lost lands 7 walkthrough part 3. If you want to know more about the lost lands 7 walkthrough, please visit Game TopN .

1. Find Hidden Islands

1. Search for keys

In the dream catcher decoration in the upper right corner of the shaman’s tent, use a knife to cut the dream catcher to get an emerald. Click the cloth on the shaman’s corpse and you will see that the symbol below is missing the cloth. Go to the rope outside to get a piece of cloth. Put the cloth on the shaman’s corpse and you will get a clue to open the control.

the cylindrical bar into the hole according to the symbol , the door of the secret room will be opened, and the glove and crystal can be obtained on the table in the middle . Use gloves to take out the mandrake grass from the left round table and plant it in the pot next to it, then use the shovel on the table to spread the soil, you will see a key in the empty pot.

2. Get Image Slate

Use the key to open the cabinet to get the fly and the eye and the rune stone, put the fly on the mandrake to get the second eye, and put the two eyes in the hairy box on the left side cabinet to get the other piece Rune Stone.

Then use two rune stones on the middle stone platform to get a flower mosaic, put the flower mosaic on the checkerboard on the right, and get a crystal by solving the puzzle . Placing the two obtained crystals on the stone gate will give you an image slate.

3. Collect nails and chains

charcoal in the shaman’s tent , you will find a wooden board with nails in it, then go back to the original open space, throw this wooden board with nails into the fire, burn the wood block, and put out the fire with a piece of ice, just Get the Giant’s Nails.

Put a nail on the chain locked on the rock , then hit the chain with 3 nearby stones , you can chisel the chain locked on the rock, collect the chain and throw it into the sled, then ride the sled, use Left and right arrows dodge rocks along the way to reach the hidden island.

2. Find Ur’s Scepter

1. Enter the circular building

Get a piece of bark behind the melting ice wall of Dragon’s Tooth Rock , then put the bark into the Giant’s Tree and you ‘ll get a tilde prompt.

Click the gate of the castle to move the chessboard and you will find a diamond symbol. Press the wave and the diamond symbol on the left side of the gate in turn, and the gate of the round building will open .

entering this building, a building puzzle will appear, you have to slide the chip to the adjacent empty space to release the chip, use the square button to adjust the partition between the chips, and use the round button to rotate the chip .

2. Get Storm Paint

After passing the building puzzle , enter the circular building, you need to restore the position of 10 items. Click on a wing in the upper left corner to place the angel on the statue . The table tent in the lower left corner is placed on the right side of the picture, and the apples on the right side of the table are hung from an apple tree. Place one of the snakes in the upper right corner on the shelf right in the middle.

Take a spear from the golden statue on the right and place it on the shield in the upper left corner . Place the center top sword on the golden statue on the right . Place the mask in the center of the groove a little above. Place the middle axe on the blue statue on the left . Place a stick on the right near the vase on the drum on the right. Place one of the crows on the shelf under the ceiling on the left .

Put one of the ladders on the right side of the floor against the wall on the right. Click on the red curtain upstairs to collect pink eggs and place these eggs in a nest. Place a red gem in a box under the cloth to open the box to find the last egg. After restoring all items, you can obtain Storm Paint.

3. Open the giant tree

Finally come to the giant tree , put the storm paint on the tree , then use the stone knife, the tree will open and the bottom of Ur’s scepter will appear , put the tip of the scepter and the saddle here , and Ur’s scepter will be complete .

above is the whole content of the third part of the lost lands 7 drill. After Susan gets Ur’s scepter, Ur will hold Susan’s son and dwarf Uri hostage. Marlon brings a stone giant to fight Ur . What other stories will happen? This requires everyone to explore on their own. To learn more about the lost lands 7 walkthrough and the next story , you can visit gametopn.com to learn more about lost lands 7. Articles will be continuously updated here .