Husky sledding tours are provided throughout northern Norway during winter departing out of the Snow Hotel in Kirkenes, Longyearben in Svalbard and the Villmarkssenter in Tromso one of the most popular adventure operators in Norway.

The trip, which began from Kirkenes it was booked through Norwegian-based cruise line Hurtigruten and tickets ranged starting at 2420 Norwegian kroner (about $300/$240).

What It Is

A 20-minute bus journey from Tromso town centre takes visitors to the Villmarkssenter which is home to 300 Alaskan Huskies, also houses a lecture hall as well as tradition-based “gamme” huts where you can enjoy a cup of soup and coffee. The principal attraction is a 45-minute trip on a sled pulled across on the snow by a group of Alaskan Huskies. Professional dog handlers supervise and control all sled rides. After a few hours, including the thrilling journey, the shuttle bus will bring your back into the town centre.

Our Experience

The place to meet is The Radisson Blu Hotel which is just a couple of yards from the place the dock where your vessel is. It’s just a 20-minute ride between the hotel and Villmarksenter that offers stunning views of Tromso Island. Tromso as well as the Fjord, the mountains that surround the town , and the breathtaking Arctic Cathedral.

When we arrive We are then taken into the changing room where we be outfitted in snowsuits. The easiest way to go is to put all your winter gear on and then put on the snow suit on top of you. Also, you’ll be handed a large set of cozy boots. Be sure to bring your own gloves and hats and phones, sunglasses and cameras. Split into small groups, of either three (in our instance) (or four), we are led to our sleds, and are introduced to the guide as well as his group of eight huskies who are a joy to be with. The time is running out and there’s not much time to take selfies or strokes. Instead, we’re put in the sled, with the largest at the back and in ascending order, the younger (8 year old) in front and our guide standing on the side in the middle of the sled. He is kind enough to provide us with sleeping bags to help us stay warm throughout the journey We are very grateful for the offer. It’s a gorgeous day with sunshine but it’s windy. we’re not moving, and the temperature is about 10 degrees below zero Celsius.

The dogs are in a frenzy screaming and whining and frolicking with the snow begging to leave. They’re in pairs, with the smallest and most intelligent in front. The older ones are at the back. Everything rests on the two in front -Kristin and Oregano Kristin and Oregano paying attention to his instructions. “As long as they understand ‘Turn right’ and ‘Stop’ we’re fine,” the captain says.

Our guide shouts to the dogs, and they immediately get up and sprinting, and we’re gone!

There’s not much to do except relax and enjoy the ride and views. We’re fortunate that it’s the most beautiful day of the year However, I do speak with the driver, and he says they can go out in any weatherconditions, provided it’s secure. You could go out in a snowstorm but I’m not sure that it’s much enjoyable.

(Just an important note of caution A good view is from the front, which is where my youngest is and has provides a direct view of the dog’s behinds. They tend to vomit, resulting in an horrible smell, from which everyone is at risk.)

The ride is usually flat, but there is the occasional climb and bump both up and down. It’s gorgeous and we take an occasional photo halfway through. There’s nothing hard or thrilling about this, however it’s an enjoyable experience and the boys absolutely love it.

Then we return to the center, and then have the chance to rub the dogs. Then, it’s the most exciting part in the morning (at the very least, for me and my son): a trip at the dog’s enclosure! We’re blessed that a number of Husky pups were born some weeks ago, which means we’re allowed to take them in our arms and snap photos of the mother of the puppies watching attentively.

Then, we all go towards the warm and friendly cabins, where we’re fed delicious reindeer soup as well as hunks of bread in front of a glowing log fire. The adults enjoy a strong cup of coffee, followed by the kids enjoy hot chocolate.

Then , there’s approximately a half-hour of time to relax, which for my two kids involves tobogganing down a nearby slope.

Worth a Try?

It is definitely a must, particularly in the case of those who are active or have children who are dog lovers. It’s costly, but it’s an experience that isn’t found in other locations around the world. For those who are new to dogsledding, this tour is certainly a gentle adventure not a difficult one however it’s definitely an enjoyable experience in a breathtaking location. The tour is well-organized as well as the guide is welcoming and knowledgeable. They are also excellent with children. They took my kids directly to the puppy and gave them hot chocolate right from the car to keep them warm. Also, the Tromso pickup location could not be more convenient.

Things to Note

Dress warmly. (As stated above, boots are available along with winter suits.) Include sunglasses, gloves as well as a waterproof jacket because it could be rainy and cold, or sunny snowing, or a mix of the four. Be prepared for any weather and try to do it at the beginning of the day. It is spectacular. Bring an GoPro and a selfie stick. Keeping the phone or camera steady can be a challenge with large gloves.