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The hardest part is leaving. It will happen. But, we all know that it will. However, our hearts don’t believe anyone who visits this land should stay forever. Eclipse, the bus-riding dog, was a perfect example of this.

Are you aware of Eclipse? Do you know that Eclipse is gone? This news is spreading rapidly over the United States, and Canada.

Eclipse, what happened?

After being diagnosed with cancer, Eclipse, a Seattle dog, died Friday morning at the age of 10. She had been receiving treatment for several months. Jeff Young, his human companion, said it. Eclipse was a loving, affectionate dog that everyone loved. He had a social media account which allowed people to stay connected with the beautiful black labrador. Eclipse began riding in 2015, from downtown to the dog park. Even had her bus pass attached to her collar. Eclipse meets new people in the park, and gets its exercise.

Eclipse Seattle bus rider Dog was famous for riding the bus alone. Jeff Young says that Eclipse once took too long to smoke cigarettes and climbed on the bus right as it arrived. They then reached the dog park, where they often go.

Eclipse rode the D line bus alone and reached her stop after four stops. Seattle police advised Eclipse to be leashed and the county allowed Eclipse to ride the bus, provided the driver is not having any problems. Jeff saw Eclipse and she died in her sleep. She was already gone from the world.

Riding Eclipse Bus Reactions:

Eclipse was a very loving dog who received over 5000 messages of prayers for her soul. Many people shared and sent care emojis. She will always be remembered.


  • What’s the name of the Seattle dog?
  1. Eclipse
  • What’s the Eclipse breed?
  1. She was Labrador.
  • Is Eclipse a male or female dog?
  1. Female dog
  • What is Eclipse best known for?
  1. To ride a bus by herself
  • What age is a dog at death?
  1. The average age at which you can reach 10.
  • What’s the name of her human companion,
  1. Jeff young
  • Where is she going to travel?
  1. The dog park.


Eclipse, the dog that rode to the dog park alone, passed away on Friday morning. Recently, she was diagnosed with cancer. Riding Eclipse Bus is a fascinating story. Read the entire article. Click here to find out more about Eclipse, Seattle’s dog.

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