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Utilizing generators that are available online or as applications it is a practice which is not advised by Roblox game creators. The only way to get free Robux is to purchase it using the cash you own. Also, free Robux can be earned by participating in game-related events or giveaways that typically are conducted by Youtube channel owner or site owners.

If you’d like to make use of, we recommend that you try it using the creation of a brand new Roblox account. This is to ensure the security of the account you already have. Don’t make use of the account you’ve created. For the sake of your security of your account, it may occur that the one you’ve been using could be in danger if a free robux account is discovered by Generator service.

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This is all we talk on how to access Robux on As we’ve mentioned earlier the use of generators is a method that game designers don’t advise. Therefore, think twice if you wish to make use of for free Robux.