Common Plumbing Problems: While problems around the house are common, it can be quite difficult to fix them, especially if you don’t have much experience. What if there were a quick and simple guide that would explain what to do if you have these issues? Here it is. The professionals plumbers in Baulkham Hill have provided us with the details on common plumbing issues and how to fix them. This is the right list for new homeowners looking to learn new tricks and be ready for anything that might happen to their home.

Drip Drip

Leaks from pipes or faucets are one of the most common plumbing issues homeowners could experience. They can be caused by anything from loose valves to expansion of pipes due to extreme heat and cold. Leaks can cause serious damage to your home and wallet if not addressed immediately. To prevent leaks, there are some things you can do: inspect the pipes regularly for signs of wear and tear at the base; replace worn washers in faucets; tighten loose valves; hire a professional plumber to repair any more complicated leaks you may find.

Is Your Toilet Running?

If the flapper valve in the toilet stops working, it can cause a runny toilet. The valve may not fit correctly. The floater in the tank may be out of balance or the fill tube may be loose. To test if your toilet runs, add some food coloring to the tank. Wait for the color to see if it leaks into your bowl.

Before you attempt to fix the problem, be sure to identify the part that needs repair. If you suspect the valve flapper is the problem then check that the chain is properly aligned and not tangled. To fix the problem with the floater, you can make simple adjustments to ensure that the fill valve closes properly.

Water Heaters

Water heaters also often fail, which is a common problem for homeowners. These modern-day marvels are essential in every household. If it breaks down, it can feel like something is missing. These devices can be easily identified. These problems can be easily identified by water puddles at the base of the heater, or knocking noises inside the heater. These are the most common things that call into the Emergency Plumber at Bossley Park. A simple way to deal with them is to flush the heater out using water. This will remove any debris and reduce the temperature.

All Clogged up

As the house’s blood vessels, the plumbing is the heart of the house. Clogged pipes can cause problems with fluid transport and keep the home moving. This is a common problem for any household, especially if people in the house dump food down the drain. Careless dumping of grease into the pipes is the main factor in causing blockages. The grease sticks to the pipes, accumulating small pieces of food scraps, and eventually hardening. To get rid of blockages like this, it is important to not use toxic chemicals. They can also cause damage to the pipes. To soften or liquefy the blockage, you can gently run boiling water down the pipe.

Too Much Pressure

A decrease in household water pressure is another common problem that can be reported to the Bexley emergency plumbers. This is more common in older homes because the plumbing has seen better days. These could be caused by a leaky main pipe, or a buildup in your shower heads or faucets. To remove the buildup, simply unscrew the shower heads and the ends of your faucets. Next, soak the faucets in vinegar overnight. Finally, scrub the area with a toothbrush. Your plumber can inspect your main line and determine if there is a leak.


You can fix simple plumbing problems with a guide such as this. However, more complicated problems may occur so don’t hesitate to call a licensed plumber.