It can be difficult to determine which country is best for hair transplants in the world. You may find a lot of contradictory information when doing web research. More and more people are traveling abroad to locate the best surgeon and lowest price for hair transplants as they become more common and easier to obtain.

The 5 best countries for hair transplant are:

  1. Turkey
  2. Poland
  3. Hungary
  4. Thailand
  5. Germany

Let’s investigate these countries individually.

  1. Turkey

It should come as no surprise if you’ve been considering hair restoration procedures for some time because Turkey is the best country for a hair transplant. Every year, more than 20,000 tourists arrive in Turkey for medical care that is on par with or better than what they would receive at home. Prices for 2000 grafts of FUE hair transplantation start at €1,950, which is roughly 70% less than what you would spend in the UK. It is roughly the cheapest hair transplant in the world.

Turkey is generally a preferred destination for patients because of its upscale accommodations and affordable healthcare costs. It is the best place to get hair transplant. Also, don’t forget to check out Hairmedico hair transplant center, which is the leader in hair transplant in Turkey.

  1. Poland

Poland is frequently mentioned as one of the best places for hair transplantation. Its healthcare system is now considered as one of the finest in Europe for both high-quality care and cutting-edge medical technologies. Polish doctors are of the highest caliber, however the cost of a hair transplant is remarkably affordable given that the country has not yet joined the Eurozone.

In Poland, you should budget about €2,900, while some clinics offer even more affordable package deals that include hotels and drivers. If you’re coming from the UK, there are many low-cost airlines that provide cheap flights.

  1. Hungary

If you’ve been considering getting a hair transplant, you may have heard that Hungary is a fantastic location. Hungary is a stunning country with wonderful cities like Budapest, a low cost of living, and a fantastic selection of hair transplant packages to pick from. Many of the specialists at the Global Medicine Center have over ten years of expertise and multiple procedures under their belts, and they have a good reputation for performing effective hair transplants. Therefore, it is considered as offering one of the best hair transplantation in the world

  1. Thailand

One benefit of getting a hair transplant in Thailand is that you can turn your journey into a lavish vacation. It is considered as best hair transplant country if you want a luxurious holiday after the operation. Each year, a large number of patients from the US, Australia, and the UK fly to Thailand to take advantage of the many surgeons there who offer high-quality procedures for a fraction of what they would charge back home.

  1. Germany

In the sphere of medical, Germany is renowned for having some of the greatest and most advanced technology. The use of FUE and robotic hair transplant surgery is being promoted. Germany is not an expensive country for hair transplants despite its extremely high standard. You would spend about €3,000 on a treatment, which is still less than half of what you would generally spend in the US, UK, or Ireland.

Why Should I Choose Hairmedico Hair Transplant Center?

As you can see, those who want to restore their natural hair have a numerous options. The fact that you as a patient feel taken care of, that you receive the greatest medical care, and that you are satisfied with the cost are ultimately what matter most. The decision to undergo hair transplant surgery is very personal, which is why Hairmedico was established, to provide everyone with the greatest service, regardless of their background. Contact us and we will provide you with the greatest information so you can decide with confidence.


Visiting different countries for having a hair transplantation can become complex if you cannot decide what to do. Turkey offers the most cost-effective option for you, Thailand is the most luxurious one, and Germany has the cutting-edge technology. If you want to see historical sites and not leave Europe after getting a hair transplant, then you can visit Poland and Hungary for these purposes.

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