All details about Erik Grankvist.

It’s hard to find a place that is more peaceful and tranquil than being away from the hustle and bustle of city life. You might have noticed many YouTubers building log cabins and living off-grid in their natural surroundings. You might be familiar with Eric Grankvist, Eric Grankvist Cabin .

Erik Grankvist was a young man who dreamed of surviving in the woods and wilds. When he attempted to build his log cabin, he didn’t have any experience or information. He learned the process from his grandfather, and now that he’s free from school, he creates inspiring videos for his viewers.

Who’s Erik Grankvist,

Erik Grankvist, a Swedish adventure vlogger, currently resides in Sweden. In September 2012, he joined YouTube and has enjoyed tremendous growth ever since. Erik Grankvist Cabin was his self-created, off-grid home.

He had no knowledge of building shelters off the grid and gathering materials from the wild, but he learned a lot over time, thanks to Ake Nilsson, his maternal grandfather. He records his videos and edits them himself after he graduates high school in 2019.

Since he was 18, Erik Grankvist is a popular figure. He decided to take a backpack full of tools and equipment with him to the woods in order to live a normal life. He had always longed to build a log cabin for his own use and he finally succeeds in this dream.

Erik Grankvist Cabin

Erik Grankvist wanted to build a log cabin like The Primitive Tech guy. He followed his dream and set his feet in the woods and wilderness of Sweden. Surprisingly, his first YouTube video shows him not using any advanced equipment or tools. The video captures him cutting and chopping wood all by himself, and has attracted the most attention.

Erik Grankvist is slowly becoming a master at building log cabins and living in the woods. The lad also has a solar power system that he uses to power his cabin off-grid. Erik is a shining example of how it is possible to do anything if you have the desire. Erik has lived in his log cabin since he established it, creating incredible videos for us all to enjoy.

Erik Grankvist Family

Erik Grankvist doesn’t live in the woods to exclude his family. His family is there for him when things get difficult. We also know that his maternal grandfather taught him how to build log cabins. His family has supported Erik Grankvist’s dreams since he decided to pursue them. His family has always been there for him, whether he needs help with laundry or teaching.

How much does Erik Grankvist earn?

Erik Grankvist also earns via YouTube. He asks for donations to help build his log house or put the money to similar uses. Erik Grankvist can earn $530,000 per annum, excluding passive income.

After Erik graduated from high school, he uploaded a video to his YouTube channel. This was a major breakthrough. This video was a huge hit and has greatly increased Erik’s subscribers and views on his YouTube channel. He currently has 879K subscribers and nearly 295K views per day on his YouTube channel.

Erik Grankvist Best Videos

Erik’s dream has led to many miracles in his life. His family’s support and his determination to build his cabin have made Erik a household name, and he now has a net worth in excess of 530,000 dollars each year. Here’s a selection of Erik Grankvist’s best videos.

  • Two years alone in a log cabin like our forefathers, built from forest-building logs
  • Log Cabin Roof Construction
  • Medieval Log Cabin DooZ
  • Rustic Swedish Log Cabin
  • Log Cabin Roof Construction in the Forests of Sweden


Erik Grankvist was able to build a log cabin when he was a teenager. He can now enjoy solitude and peace of mind, having learned the process and gained experience in it.

He has his family behind him, even though he is sometimes in trouble. Erik shares his real experiences with viewers. He is an inspiration to others that you can achieve your goals if dedicated.