This Winaweekender AU Competition2022 Com post discusses the WinaWeekender event, its activities and the prizes.

Are you interested in camping and caravanning? Are you a weekender winner? These questions are related to the WinaWeekender contest that is popular in Australia. Participation is complicated and requires a qualified newspaper with its code. Walk-ins are not allowed. This is a family tradition that has been cherished for its excitement and popularity over the years.

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What is WinaWeekender?

WinaWeekender allows people to caravan and camp, and ultimately win Excalibur Serenity or Gladiator Force. Participation is as simple as downloading a coded form from a newspaper and applying it to the site. This competition is only open to residents of Australia over 18 years old. The competition does not accept walk-ins. This is to keep the competition orderly and reduce chaos.

Winaweekender AU Competition 20022 Com will be held from September 4th to September 5th at midnight AEST. It will end September 25th, 2022 at 11:59 AEST. This gives players time to show their worth and motivates them to work harder to get their price. There is an 18-year age limit for this competition. This applies to both the caravan and the prize. Even if you know the code, it is essential to remember that registration requires strict rules.

What are the prizes for Winaweekender AU Competition 2022 Com

WinaWeekender is a well-known brand that has been around for many years. To attract more people to apply, the competition must offer a greater prize. The prizes for winning include more than 92 minors.

Chief prize champions receive a Gladiator Force or an Excalibur Serenity valued at $90,000. Minor top champions receive a 500 dollar Voucher for G’day Holiday Caravan Park or Domestic Gaming Pack. These are in the amount of 75 and 15 respectively. After the event has ended, the winners are contacted for distribution of prizes. These prizes have given the Winaweekender AU Competition 20022 Com even more momentum. The competition’s age limit is 18 years. The event lasts approximately 20 days.


WinaWeekender, a camping and caravanning competition, gives away great prizes. It is a fall tradition that people look forward to every year. You must consider the application process as you will need to submit a code from a qualified newspaper. This link will provide more information about WinaWeekender.

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