Andrew Mark Glassberg died suddenly on June 3, leaving behind an irreplaceable hole in his family’s lives and those of the communities that he touched. Andy Glassberg was born on October 27, 1959. His journey from Queens to Huntington Woods in Michigan is rich with experiences, connections and contributions.

Important Details:

Full nameAndrew Mark Glassberg
Birth dateOctober 27, 1958
Age of Passing61
BirthplaceQueens, New York
WifeBarbara Martin
ChildrenSarah and Emily
CareerConsultancy with Arthur Anderson (later Accenture).
Retirement Age49
Date passedJune 3

Early life and family background:

Andy Glassberg was raised in Queens by his parents, Carl and Irene Glassberg. His early years were filled with family in the two-family house. Andy grew up with his cousin Jeff, and his mother and aunt who were both Holocaust survivors. They instilled values such as family and perseverance in him.

Discovering Passions: Ohio Golf, Dartmouth, and

Andy’s life was forever changed by the family’s move from New York to Shaker Heights in Ohio. Andy discovered golf here, which would later become a life-long passion. Barbara Martin was introduced to him by his academic journey at Dartmouth College.

Building your Family and Career in Michigan

Andy and Barbara settled in Huntington Woods after completing their graduate degrees at the University of Michigan. They raised their daughters Sarah and Emily in this home. Andy’s dedication to his family is evident in the way he balances a demanding career with Arthur Anderson (later Accenture), while being a constant presence in his daughters’ life.

Golf, Mentorship and Community Involvement –

Andy, who retired at the age of 49, pursued his golfing passion with a fervor and achieved his dream to become a scratch golfer. He displayed his leadership skills through his positions on the Boards of the Detroit Skating Club as well as the Detroit Golf Club. These roles allowed him to make a significant contribution to local charity efforts, such the Rocket Mortgage Classic.

The Scottsdale Chapter of Love for Travel and

Barb and Andy’s dream home in Scottsdale became their winter retreat. The couple enjoyed Arizona’s lifestyle, from golfing to hiking. They traveled from Italy to New Zealand on their shared passion for adventure.

Commitment to extended family:

Andy was an important part of his extended family. Andy’s commitment was unwavering, whether it was hosting family celebrations or supporting his parents as they reached their golden years.

A Legacy of Love and Laughter :

Andy’s vibrant personality, manifested through his colorful golf outfits, love of good food and infectious laugh, left a lasting impression. His absence will be felt at family events such as Sarah’s and Emily’s weddings. However, his spirit will live on.

Andrew Mark Glassberg is an inspiration for all. His life was marked by love, dedication and zest. His unwavering spirit, commitment to his family, love of golf, leadership and involvement in community projects, as well as his passion for the game, have all left a lasting legacy. The memories he created, the love that he shared and the lives that he touched will ensure his spirit shines brightly as the sun sets.