has arrived and many people are eager to obtain a free Minecraft account. Many Minecraft gamers are eager to have a free account generated by blazealts. is a popular Minecraft site that has captured the attention of many users. is widely talked about by users as it is believed to offer a free Minecraft account. Is this true? Is legitimate or spam?

You will need to do some testing to determine if really is a scam. If you try to use blazealts for an account and it’s not proved and you don’t get one, it is clear that scams you and is not legitimate.

The majority of Minecraft account generator services are scams. Service owners only want to make money off their users. If the survey is completed successfully, users will usually be offered a survey.

Here’s how you can open an account at

  • First, activate the internet connection on your device
  • Launch a browser and visit the rbxtoken website via:
  • Enter your Minecraft username in the Username field.
  • Next, press the button to generate.
  • Allow a few seconds for the account connections to take place.

This is all you need to know to create a Minecraft account at This method, as we have already mentioned, is not safe and is not recommended by Minecraft’s application developer.

A majority of account-generating services are fraud and unproven. They only want to make money if you complete the survey at