Ever wondered what it would feel like to hop aboard a ship to sail into the sunset looking for buried treasure? You and your crewmates will follow the map to X, hoping that it leads to something gold-colored before another pirate ship beats you to it.

It’s never been easier or more convenient to hop on a virtual pirate boat and sail the seven seas looking for hidden treasure in our technologically advanced world. It doesn’t take a pirate’s hat or hook, nor a telescope, to sail the seven seas in search of hidden treasure. All you need is an internet connection and a registered account at a licensed casino provider.

As we play real Slots online, we will be traveling across the internet Slots looking for hidden treasure chests full of potential prizes, jewels, and gold.

Scroll down to sail.

Pirates Hold

Pirates Hold is one such online slot. It allows you to sail the virtual seas with three of your friends – Anne Robber Davy Locker, Jack Arrow and Jack Arrow.

The game opens from a dark, eerie screen to a bright, sunny day on the seas. You’ll see a ship and land to the left, while the blue seas take up most of your view. The slot is composed of five reels, three rows and a golden frame. It can be accessed by walking the plank towards the center of the screen.


No slot is complete without symbols. A pirate-themed slot is incomplete without symbols that reflect the pirate way of life.

The symbols in Pirates Hold are exactly that. You can expect treasure chests, different gold coins with skulls, compasses and jewels. Also, you will find a loaded gun and three of your new crew members – all spinning around on the reels as soon as the game is activated.

The wild symbol of the slot is the cannon symbol. It can be matched with other symbols as well as substituting for others to create more potential matches.

Anne, Davy, and Jack are your crewmates. To really make it a breeze, land them on reel 5 with some coins!

Bonus Features

You should also remember that you are not the only one doing the work on the reels. Your crewmates hold the key to unlock a bonus feature, which could potentially help you all to the treasure. You just need to land four or more gold coins on the reels, and one of your crewmates on reel 5.

  • Anne Robber – Will activate a ship combat bonus with cloning wilds, and pirate action.
  • Davy Locker – An underwater slot that features expanded reels and offers free spins.
  • Jack Arrow – You will be awarded a special wheel to spin in order to determine how many free spins are available.

Are you ready to live the life of a slot pirate? Are you going to be sailing across the slot seas when you next visit the virtual floor? Or will you find a more swashbuckling route to treasure?