This Farm Boy Westboro Reviews guide confirms the store’s legitimacy. Farm Boy is a Canadian chain of retail outlets that sell fresh produce and food.

Do you remember walking into a grocery store and immediately smelling the fresh greens, the deli meats, the salad bars, and the seafood aisle? Farm Boy Westboro promises that they will recreate the experience with their unique, organic produce and fresh-sourced organic food.

Farm Boy started as a small shop in Canada, and has grown to be a 44-store outlet. To verify the legitimacy of Farm Boy Westboro Reviews , we will examine Farm Boy Westboro Review .

Website Information –

Farm Boy is a family-owned chain of fresh market stores that sell hand-selected fresh produce, which is locally sourced. They offer many vegan and gluten-free products, as well as their own brand.

In their stores, they sell high-quality butcher-quality meats and fresh dairy products, as well as over 300 vegan options and deli meats.

A delicate and perishable food such as this is being shipped to customers for consumption.

Website Specifications –

  • URL:
  • Email ID: None Mentioned.
  • Contact Number:+1 613-722-7300.
  • Physical address:Farm Boy Homes Office, 1427 Ogilvie Road Ottawa, ON K1J8M7.
  • Shipping Policy They do not offer delivery except to Ontario. Although you can place orders online, you will need to pick them up at the closest stores.
  • Return Policy:Returns or Refunds will be issued upon proof of purchase.
  • Payment Methods:Interac MasterCard, Apple Pay Visa, American Express, Visa Gift Cards, Cash, Visa and Farm Boy Gift Cards.
  • Payment Security All payments are made in person or at stores, so they are secure.

Website Legitimacy Check – Is Farm Boy Westboro Legit?

  1. Domain age:Domain was established on October 24, 2000. It was almost 22 years ago.
  2. Domain Expiry Details On 28 December 2022 the domain will expire.
  3. Owner’s Data Verification: The website is registered under Co.
  4. Trust Index It has a trust index 96%
  5. HTTPS Security Analysis The website is protected under a safe protocol
  6. Spam Score At just 5/100 we can see that this website is not fraudulent and safe to purchase from.
  7. Farm Boy Westboro Reviews There are no customer reviews. These reviews can be found on their Google Business website.
  8. Popularity With a rank of 31269, it is evident that customers keep coming back to this store.
  9. Social Media Presence On Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, as well as LinkedIn. The website has active links.
  10. Status: Not detected by any blacklist agents

There was no other threat or malware score that could be detected.


  • It is trusted because it is nearly 22 years old.
  • You can find a wide range of fresh and canned foods, as well as seafood and meats.
  • It is a trust index of 96%, making it a site that you will frequent.
  • The Alexa Ranking is excellent.
  • Active links to different social media handlers.
  • This portal has not been detected by any blacklist engine.


  1. They cannot ship. Only Ontario stores can deliver, and this is with an outside delivery partner.
  2. For queries and other requests, there is no email ID.

This portal appears legit based on the information provided. We need to review their service protocol in depth to confirm this.

Farm Boy Westboro Review In Detail!

It received a Google review rating of 4.5 stars. Customers love the quality produce and variety of choices. Customers have complained about the quality of their food and service at the store, which they offer as a dine-in option.

This website is trustworthy and legitimate. Customers can shop at both their physical and online stores with no hassle. Learn how to get your PayPal money back if you are scammed.

The Last Words

The online ecommerce store was verified after a thorough case study. This ecommerce store is trusted by positive Google ratings as well as Farm Boy Westboro Review on an external platform. For more information on their delivery and , here is a hyperlink to their FAQ page.

Are you a Farm Boy customer? Comment. If you feel scammed, please read these steps.