The review Holibert review gives a complete review of the website, and its technical features as well as positive and negative elements.

Do you notice the changes in our shopping habits? Are you able to see the difference? Yes, we are using our mobile phones to search for the items we want. This change in behavior is happening at an worldwidelevel. In the meantime we need to be aware of scam websites when we shop. This article, we’ll discuss one such site as well as its Holibert Review.

Holibert shop Holibert shop

It is a site which sells a broad range of goods to its customers since its goal is to offer diverse products to its customers according to their preferences. Since certain websites only sell certain products, we have to make purchases on several websites. To make it easier for us to avoid shopping, they’ve made a decision to offer a variety of items.

holibert products include,

  • Kitchen and home items such as lamps, bedspreads and bedspreads, as well as faucets, cleaning spray and more
  • Toys such as smart kit for swimming, sensory toys,
  • Gardening items
  • Sports and outdoor equipment like footwear, canopy, etc.
  • Pet products
  • Car accessories (cushion, phone holder, etc.)


To determine, Is Holibert Legit customers must adhere to specific steps. This verification is essential to search at a website prior to buying any item from Holibert.

  • Customers can buy at:
  • Address for email:
  • Telephone number: 442392160686
  • Address details: 103 Albert embankment, London SE17TL, United Kingdom
  • The social media activities: We can see icons of social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram. However, their links aren’t redirecting to their website and this indicates that they have not been active on social media.
  • Originality of content 15% is the minimum original
  • Privacy policy: they have outlined their method of collecting and processing customer’s information thoroughly
  • Holibert reviews We couldn’t find any reviews from customers on their official website.
  • Shipping Policy: Standard delivery times for shipping are around 10 to 15 days and speedy delivery is only 5-10 days. Also, there are no world shipping on purchases that are worth 49.99 dollars. For other countries, the shipping fee is dependent on the place of delivery and speed.
  • Return policy: Customers have to return the item within 14 days from the date of delivery. No charge for restocking will be incurred when returning the product.
  • Refund policy: following the quality check and if the product is suitable. Customers will receive refunds from the initial payment
  • Payment options include PayPal Card facility, PayPal.

Holibert reviews are not available on the website, and the website appears to be unprofessional. Therefore, it is mandatory to conduct further research.

Positiv points

  • They’re offering free worldwide shipping worldwide.
  • They’ve provided a complete description of each product.
  • They have clearly outlined how to purchase the items.

Points Negative

  • They have made some flims discount deals for a wide range of items. In addition, they have offered a variety of combo offers. It’s impossible to any company.
  • They’ve not provided an extra section for entering the reviews of customers.

Evaluation of legitimacy

Is Holibert legitimate? to find answers to the question. It is essential to analyze the technical aspects of the holibert website as the real faces of websites will be exposed in these tests.

  • Domain age: The holibert website was launched on the 20th of July, 2022. This means that the domain’s age is not more than one month old.
  • Date of expiration for domains: The holibert website expires on the 20th of July in 2023. It will have a very brief duration of the domain
  • Name of the registrar: the website is registered under the name Namesilo.LLC
  • Data security: HTTPS can be found on the site as among the signs for security of data
  • Holibert reviews Reviews from customers are not available.
  • The trust index of the website is only 2 percent Very low
  • SEO Score: 63
  • Alexa ranking not available
  • Plagiarism content: 85 %
  • Company name: Ansky Company limited.

Overview of Holibert reviews

The site does not offer a place where customers can leave reviews and comments. There are also no reviews by customers on the site. They have also classified some items as featured. However, there aren’t any reviews or comments on the featured items either. It doesn’t look to be a legitimate one. The readers can look up the credit Card scams.


Therefore, the review Holibert Review provided a thorough analysis of the site. The Holibert shopping website was unable to prove its legitimacy not achieving a high trust score. They’ve copied the majority information from various other sites and even the information of their parent company. Readers can also get more about the PayPal fraud.

Additionally, there are no instances of holibert customers buying products. Therefore, it is essential to verify the authenticity of the website prior to purchasing the items. For more details.

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