If you are here to determine whether Kallistathw is right for you, then this page is for it. You have landed on the right page if so. We have attempted to give you as much information about this website as possible in the review section. To find out if Kallistathw.com is a scam or a reliable company, you can simply read the Kallistathw review.

The following are reasons Kallistathw might be considered suspicious:

Contact Information

The company’s postal address and contact number are not listed on the website. These information are always provided by legitimate companies, according to our research. This site is clearly trying to conceal the information. We will not trust this site for any type of online shopping.

Social Media Presence

It has placed fake social media icons on its site that will take you to the home pages for those social media sites when clicked on, rather than sending you to business-related social media pages or profiles.

Copied content

Its website theme, as well as many other details, matches multiple scam sites. Its About Us page also matches multiple problematic and scam sites.

Special Sales and Discounts

There are many products listed on it, including: 360 Flip Car Toys and Yoga Stretching Straps, Reflective Glowing Holographic Gloluminous Basket Balls, 6-in-1 Multifunctional Keychain Multi-tools, LED Rechargeable Laser Flashlight 90000 lumens, Versatile Magnetic Pen Sets, 180deg Rotating Fast Charging Cables, and others. You can get heavy discounts on these products. Scam sites often offer such discounts in order to lure people to their scams.

Customer complaints and delivery

There are many online shops selling similar products that have complaints about product quality, delivery times, and customer service.


All of the above reasons lead us to conclude that Kallistathw online shop is suspicious.

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