LinkedIn, an online recruitment site, has announced layoffs. This will reduce the number of employees in its recruitment department. Layoffs 2023 are now hovering over the heads of employees at LinkedIn.

According to reports, Microsoft is planning to lay off approximately 10,000 employees. LinkedIn is being contacted by the report. The Information published a report on Monday, February 13th, stating that LinkedIn’s recruitment department had been closed.

Further, the report stated that Microsoft confirmed layoffs at LinkedIn. A spokesperson for Microsoft stated that pink slips have been given to certain employees. The number of LinkedIn layoffs that have impacted employees has yet to be confirmed.

Some former employees of LinkedIn’s recruitment team took to LinkedIn to announce their sudden departure. Nicole Zawacki, a former employee of LinkedIn’s recruiting team, wrote that she was one of the “affected employees” and that it would take “little time” for her to get through the process. The platform is also being used by Zawacki to search for a new job. Zawacki posted, “Today, I’m taking some time to process. But if anyone knows of any Talent Acquisition or Diversity positions, I would be grateful for any advice.”

Emily Beiers, another affected employee, shared the news on LinkedIn about her layoff. Former technical recruiter, Emily Beiers, said that her time at LinkedIn had come to an abrupt halt. Due to the reduction in workforce, my role as Technical Recruiter was affected.

While speaking to CNBC-TV18 November 2022, Ryan Roslansky, LinkedIn’s Chief Executive, stated that there were no plans for layoffs, but they would implement a hiring freeze in certain verticals.

But 2023 did not go according to plan as 10,000 employees were affected by Microsoft’s layoffs. These ripples also reached LinkedIn’s shores. Employees at GitHub, Azure, and Metaverse were also affected by the Microsoft layoffs this year.