Browser games are really taking off. In many ways, they are leading the expansion in gaming that we are seeing around the world. They are tons of fun, growing in possibilities, and reaching new audiences. Here are some of the benefits of browser games and some of the best ones currently available.  

Why Play Browser Games? 

There are lots of reasons to play browser games as opposed to console games or larger, bulkier computer games. We often think of browser games as simply being less complicated, but many of them are very advanced. Also, what is the problem with enjoying something less complicated? There is plenty of fun there as well!  

One of the biggest benefits of browser games is that they are more accessible. For example, you do not need to use your credit card to buy a monthly subscription. They tend to be more open to alternative banking methods, such as Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. This is a huge advantage in terms of protecting your identity or allowing you to play games even if you do not have a credit card. 

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Another benefit of browser games is related to the accessibility: you can invite other friends to play with you easily. It is so much fun to play with our friends and family, but when the barriers to start playing are so large, we will likely end up playing alone. Because browser games are accessible, they are reaching more audiences, so we can play these games with all types of generations in our family.  

What Type of Device Do I Need?  

There is really little to worry about in terms of which device you will need to play browser games. You will need a smartphone, a tablet, or a computer. They can be Microsoft, Apple, or other providers.  

Of course, it will also depend on the browser game you want to play. Some will require a certain level of processing video and other graphics. While there are some important differences between what you will need, it is, generally speaking, a low barrier that most of us with any sort of device that can access the internet will be able to enjoy.  

Some of the Best Browser Games Right Now 

Browser games come in and out of being in fashion. While they can still continue being great games, they go through ups and downs in terms of popularity. We look through the popularity and recommend here some of the best games that you can play directly in your browser!  

Wordle and Quordle  

Wordle was the original version here. Wordle and Quordle are word games that follow a few simple rules. Released once a day, it provides a moment to check in with the family to see if they, too, were able to solve today’s puzzle. 

You have six tries to guess a five-letter word. With each guess, the game will tell you if the letter is in the final word, and if you placed it in the correct position. This way, you can eliminate letters and possibilities as you go.  

Quordle is an advanced version of this game. You play four quordles at the same time and have nine tries to guess all four words. This is also released once a day. Both are available in several languages. 

Final Fantasy Tactics Battleground 

Many of us are huge fans of the Final Fantasy series. It began in 1987 and continues strong to this day with the 2022 release of Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin. So, you will be happy to know that you can find a version of it right on your browser. 

Final Fantasy Tactics Battleground allows you to wager fake money on two teams of Final Fantasy Tactics characters controlled by artificial intelligence.  This is a great way to touch on that nostalgia all while developing fun new strategies in this reimagination of a classic.