It’s true that the Alaska cruise season is just a little more than six months however, deciding on the most suitable time to travel to Alaska isn’t easy. The weather and prices for cruises and wildlife, as well as seasonal excursions can be seen from late April to October, which makes it an uphill task to choose the most suitable month to go on cruises on an Alaska cruise.

In order to help you choose the most suitable time to travel towards Alaska, Cruise Critic is going through every aspect of Alaska cruise season month-to-month to assist you in planning your bucket-list vacation. Find out about the average Alaska cruise prices, the best things you can do while in Alaska and all the other information you’ll need in order to figure out what is the most suitable month for cruising Alaska for you.

Alaska Cruise in April

April Alaska Cruise Costs: Expect to pay about $1,200 for seven days on an Alaska cruise. The season doesn’t officially kick off until the end of the month. You’ll need to take into consideration factors such as the weather and wildlife viewing prior to booking the April cruise. There are also less itineraries and lines available and prices tend to be a bit higher than what you’d expect.

Alaska Conditions in April Even though April may be known as one of the driest month of the year for Alaska but it doesn’t mean that you’ll get sunny skies or clear blue skies. Southeast Alaska, where most cruises depart in April is a tropical rainforest and there’s still lots of fog and showers of light rain to be seen. The temperatures are moderate and daytime highs between the 40s, and even the 50s, depending on the location you’re going and the amount of cloud. There is still snow on the mountain tops.

Hours of daylight in April Alaska has approximately 11 hours of sunlight in April. However, towards the closing to the month Southeast Alaska you can expect as long as 13 hours of daylight.

Things to do Things to Do in Alaska in April

Alaska Things to do in April As it’s true that the Alaska travel season advancing ever more into April The communities on Southeast Alaska itineraries are still very sleepy. You may not find all the shops and eateries operating or fully operational. This is particularly relevant in Skagway which is where snow could hinder in the White Pass & Yukon Route Railroad from traveling a couple of miles due to snowed-in tracks. Juneau is a different story, because it’s the capital of the state and it’s always buzzing.

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Alaska Wildlife in April: Much of Alaska’s wild side is still asleep in April and you shouldn’t be expecting to see caribou, bears and salmon in southeast. Bald eagles abound and you can expect to see whales in the humpback as well as sea otters, orcas and sea lions when you travel through the Alaskan Inner Passage during April.

Alaska Fishing in April: While salmon aren’t in the water in April but you’ll have the chance to catch a variety of river and lake trout in Alaska’s waters during April. Halibut fishing season officially begins during April, too however you’ll be more successful catching it later in the season.

What to consume at home in Alaska for April. Alaska continues to be recovering from its long, dark and cold winter of April, so don’t rely on the farmer’s market or direct-to-table fruit vegetables, herbs or even fruits. Instead, you should pick several candies, jellies, and jams that are made with local fall and summer harvests such as spruce, salmonberry, tip, or blueberries.

Alaska Cruise in May

May Alaska Cruise Costs: May can have bargains on Alaska cruises however, this month is in the process of becoming the peak of season. Prices range from $1,100 to $1,200 with many options for different categories of cruise ships all through the month, compared to April.

Alaska The weather in the month of May May happens to be the most dry month in the cruise season in Alaska, with only 25 percent of rain. The average high is in the mid-50s , with lows that are in the upper 30s and the lower 40s.

Hours of daylight during May Between mid-May and the end of May, one are likely to have around 17 hours of light throughout Southeast Alaska (Juneau, Skagway and Ketchikan). As you move further north the days will get longer.

Things to do Things to Do in Alaska in May

Alaska Events in May:If you have the extra cash choose one of the cruises that stop at Kodiak Island in May. The benefits? The trick is to plan your trip around your visit to Kodiak Crab Festival that takes place during Memorial Day Weekend every year. Or, birders might wish to plan their trip around an event like the Copper River Shorebird Festival that takes place at the beginning of the month of May, in Cordova. Make sure to check ahead to ensure that your itinerary includes this event because it’s often included on longer cruises of 14 days to Alaska.

Alaska Wildlife from April to May:Shorebirds easily see in May in Alaska when migrating colonies are in full force. Gray whales can be observed on whale watch as are humpbacks, humpbacks, and orcas, especially on the oceans in Southeast Alaska. On dry land bears are more prevalent in May, although they are not as frequently like they do in the high summer.

Alaska The fishing season in May The King Salmon runs begin in the latter half of May and continue through September. Arctic Char are abundant at this time of the year, and you’ll have the chance of getting almost every kind of trout during the month of May (the Copper River in Cordova is a top trout fishing location). Even if you’re an experienced angler, we’d recommend local guides to locate the most suitable fishing area.

The best thing to Eat and drink in Alaska for May If you’re not going to Kodiak to devour seafood to the max It is best to stay to seafood, as well as any locally-made jams, jelly’s, and honey that are available in local stores. Local asparagus is available on menus in some towns in the southeast later in the month, and the fiddlehead season starts in May. But, the majority of Alaska’s best-tasting fruits and vegetables will not be available until later in summer.

Alaska Cruise in June

Alaska The weather in June The month of June in Alaska is a time of moderate temperatures and clear skies. The highs range from the low 60s, while lows are within the 40s to upper. In comparison to the summer the weather in June is ideal and excursions to the shore are more likely to not be affected by rain. When Alaska weather in June is a great time to check flowers, and more lush scenery, you can expect mosquitoes to bite.

Alaska Cruise Costs during June Cruising to Alaska are higher priced in the month of June and the cost for 7 days of cruises exceeding $1,300. The majority of major and popular line offers cruises to Alaska during June, meaning you’ll be able to pick from pricing options and might have itineraries that are less than $1,000. There are less crowds and families in the beginning of June than in August and July which helps keep prices and demand low by a little.

Hours of daylight for June As with the rest of summer, the days of June can be long here in Alaska. Expect to see an annual average of around 19 hours light (and even more during the summer solstice).

Activities to do and See Things to Do and See in Alaska in June

Alaska Activities in JuneIf are a keen angler you should consider an Alaska trip that includes Seward in June, which is when Seward hosts an event called the Seward Halibut Tournament. For a great time on the dry ground, be sure to visit Seward’s Sitka Music Festival that lasts for every day of the month at the most well-known cruise port.

Alaska Wildlife in June: Moose, caribou and shorebirds can be seen across Alaska during June. They also have babies in June (though it is not common to see calves and you must be aware of adults around with young children present). If you’re looking to spot caribou herds, you can arrange an Alaska cruise that places you within the the vicinity of Denali National Park. With salmon runs at full speed You can also catch fishing bears in the southeast.

Alaska Fishing in June: King, silver and sockeye salmon can be found in Alaska during June. Northern pike are also in the water from June to September and halibut fishing enters full gear by mid-June.

What to eat during June Greens, herbs, and other Alaskan herbs are in full bloom in June. They also have delicious pie fillings such as boysenberries, cherries and the rhubarb. Find local dishes in the cafes near the port you are in.

Alaska Cruise in July

Alaska Temperatures in July If you prefer moderate temperatures Alaska summer is perfect for you. You can expect temperatures in the mid-60s and often into the 70s, and temperatures in the 50s for lows. The downside? The wet season is in full speed The state averages about 12 inches during July.

Alaska Cruise Costs for July It is among the most pricey months to travel to Alaska with seven-day itineraries exceeding $1,300. This is the time of Alaska’s high-demand cruise season and the cruise lines will be bustling. If you’re looking to save money stay with rooms in the interior and try to find the larger vessels that tend to offer more options.

Hours of daylight in July: In Alaska, the Inside Passage gets about 17 hours of daylight during July and other destinations in the northern regions will get nearly 19 hours of light.

There are many things you can Do and See Things to Do and See in Alaska in July

Alaska Celebrations in July A variety of events across the state celebrate the 4th of July. If you’re an active person or wish to cheer for people who have it, make sure to check out events like the Mount Marathon Race in Seward. The name implies that the race takes place directly up the rocky mountain slopes Mount Marathon (and back down). The mountain is more than 3,500 feet tall. If you’d rather be more relaxing, Anchorage, Juneau and Homer all have wonderful Independence Day parades and events.

Alaska Wildlife in July: July is the most popular month in Alaska to see the majority of Alaska’s amazing wildlife. Salmon runs (and bears hunting the salmon runs) as well as amazing birding can be found virtually everywhere, and you’ll be able to spot fur seal pups and Steller sea lions in time of month’s beginning as per the Alaska Department of Fish and Game.

Foods to Eat In July It is the month when the growing season in Alaska begins to get into high speed. Strawberries, tomatoes gooseberries and a host of other fruits will soon appear on your plate when you eat in the port.

Alaska Cruise in August

Alaska Conditions in August The month of August is characterized by it is likely to rain in Alaska for more than half the days of August. There are likely to be some washouts during shore excursions. The average daytime temperature is between the low and mid-60s during August, while lows range from the 40s to the lower 50s.

Alaska Cruise Costs during August The cruises going in Alaska through August are typically less expensive than those in the months of June or July. The an average seven-day Alaska cruises for around $1,150. Keep an eye out for discounts at the end of this month as the summer begins to fade.

Hours of daylight in August: It is estimated that there are 15 hours light in Alaska in August..

Activities you can Do and See Things to Do and See in Alaska in August

Alaska Events in August:The Alaska State Fair that takes its place within the Mat-Su Valley, starts in the last week of August, and generally extends into September. There are numerous activities centered around food and wildlife during the entire month (more on that in the following paragraphs).

Alaska Wildlife during August Bears from Alaska present all through August, as they hunt for berries and salmon which are plentiful. Bald eagles are also seen gathered near streams that are spawning salmon in August. Later in the month, you’ll see plenty others in freshwater areas before they head for warmer climates.

Alaska Fishing in August: In Alaska, pink salmon run through mid-August, while silver salmon can be caught throughout the month. The Seward’s Silver Salmon Derby is held every 2nd week in the month. It’s one of the longest-running and biggest fishing derbies held across the nation. In the latter part of August, Dolly Varden trout have been often seen jumping into fishing boats in the Upper Kenai.

Things to Eat in August The month of August marks the time for berries in Alaska from cloudberries to salmonberries, and the most well-known of all the blueberries from Alaska. There are many festivals celebrating blueberries throughout the state, with some of the best famous in Alyeska Resort in Girdwood. Alyeska Resort in Girdwood, and Ketchikan.

Alaska Cruise in September

Alaska The weather in the month of September. In Alaska are expected to begin dropping in September with the average temperatures in the mid-50s, and lows in the 40s to low 40s. Additionally, it is more likely to rain as August was, with as much as 20 days of rain. This could put some of your trips at risk of getting rained out.

Alaska cruise costs during September The prices are for the month of September Alaska cruises average about $1,000 for a seven-night trip. The cruise season begins to wind down in September, and kids return to school, which means lower demand. Also, you can look for an last-minute Alaska cruise bargain but be aware that, the cruise season in Alaska is getting longer, demand for Alaska cruises for September is growing.

Hours of daylight for September You can expect twelve hours of light in the month of September Alaska.

Activities you can Do Things to Do in Alaska in September

Alaska Events in September: If your Alaska cruise departs in the early part of September, it’s possible that you’ll be able to see The Northern Lights on your cruise to Alaska in the event that you reach Fairbanks or other points farther north. The weather and the time of year are key factors however it’s also a highlight of traveling to Alaska towards the end of summer.

Alaska Wildlife in August: According to the Alaska Department of Fish and Game the breeding season of moose muskoxen, goats and caribou commences in the autumn (from September to October). Despite the cold the season is also a fantastic time to see moose and other animals in Denali National Park, and bears are often seen in the berry patches as well as streams that contain salmon. There are still whales in Alaska’s waters throughout September, however, the number are expected to decline at the beginning of the month.

Alaska Cruise in October

Things to do In Alaska during October

Alaska Activities in October The calendar for Alaska’s month of October isn’t quite as packed like other months, however you can find Oktoberfest in Anchorage If you’re a lover of beers and brats. October 18 is Alaska Day, when the state was admitted to the United States. Visit Sitka to take part the festivities that last for several days.

Alaska Wildlife in October: Bear sightings are less than likely during October because one of the most sought-after state wildlife begins the process of hibernating to prepare for the winter months. The mating season for animals such as moose and caribou continues into October too, but you’ll need to be further north to see them. It’s likely to be easy to spot baldeagles in the fall, and whale watching is feasible (though you’ll need luck than during the summer).

Alaska Fishing in October: You’ll still be in the position to catch silver salmon and rainbow trout in the month of October Alaska. You shouldn’t expect the same quantity or variety of fish that you’d see earlier in the season, but.

Foods to Eat In October Squash in winter and Rhubarb are must-eats when you’re looking for traditional Alaska food during October You’ll also discover beets, cabbage and even sprouts. Be on the lookout for small-scale shops that sell jams, pies, and other tasty creations too.