Morton Jablin lives a simple life. He gets up early, has tea at lunch and take a bite of fish for his dinner. He’s not that different from us except for one thing: Morton Jablin lives on an ocean cruise ship.

In the last 15 years the retiree of 95 has been calling Regent’s Seven Seas Navigator home.

Jablin is among a number of others who spend their in full-time aboard cruise vessels. Mama Lee Wachstetter, 91 was a resident on the luxurious Cruise ship Crystal Serenity for the past 10 years. Mario Salcedo, aka “Super Mario,” has been on 1000 cruises and spent 50 weeks of the every year aboard the Royal Caribbean’s Freedom of the Seas.

If this sounds like it’s right for you then here’s the information you’ll must learn about living on a cruise ship for the full time.

Test It Out First

Take a few cruises on various cruise lines. You will not only get an idea of whether this is the right lifestyle for you, but you will be able to compare different lines and gain a sense about which lines best fit in a brand new home.

Take a more than a month “grand voyage” or world cruise, or just arrange a few trips back and back to try the waters and determine whether full-time cruises are the right choice for you. Oceania Cruises even offers a one-year 116-day Snowbirds in Residence package , where guests cruise in winter and return to home base for the summer and spring months.

Meet With a Financial Planner

It is the first thing to do to determine whether the idea of living on a cruise ship indefinitely can be a viable option for you. Talk to an accountant to discuss the amount you can afford.

A study that was published in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society discovered that, when viewed over a 20-year period cruises were comparable in price as assisted living facilities and provided “better quality of life.” But, the cost living on a cruise ship or purchase an assisted living facility can differ based on the type of room and the location (which ship or facility) So, you’ll need to estimate specific prices to determine how the value proposition will work to your advantage.

You’ll also need to discuss about the best way to manage finances while living on a ship. You’ll be required to pay taxes when being on the cruise ship, therefore it is essential to learn before boarding. What other costs are you required to think about?

How do you pay for any monthly charges? Sea-based residents can pay for bills on either a checking or credit card account. A lot of U.S. property tax jurisdictions permit you to pay your bills online, avoiding mailing payments from out of the country or from remote areas. The process of arranging bill payments and planning ahead can help keep the financials in order and avoid getting in debt on bills.

Additionally, to receive government or health benefits, sea-dwellers who live permanently require an address in the land. It is up to you decide whether to sell your home to purchase a smaller one or lease out your house while you travel. You’ll have to decide what you will do with your vehicle and belongings prior to moving into a permanent residence on the sea. Are you able to afford for cruise fares while maintaining an apartment or a storage space?

Talk to an Agent

If you’ve calculated the numbers and are confident that the financials will be a success then you should get in touch with your favorite cruise line or an agent that specializes in extended cruises. Travel agent The Cruise Web has launched an senior living at sea initiative to help travelers who wish to retire on the sea or at the very least, spend a few months of the year onboard.

“Senior Living at Sea offers … assistance in booking lengthy travel cruise arrangements through a personalized, tailored experience that allows the client to dictate how they will spend a significant lengthy time at sea,” says Brandon Biss, senior travel consultant at The Cruise Web. “It’s an alternative to that second home in Florida, or someone who would like to live at sea full time, as a lifestyle.”

Travel agents can also assist to find discounts and recommend the most suitable cruises for your budget, preferences for travel and lifestyle.