Trillion Cut Diamond: Diamonds are a woman’s best friend. This is why each lady has her own style of diamond engagement rings. Although diamonds are most commonly used as the center of engagement ring, it’s rare to find a trillion-cut diamond.

T trillion cuts are often used as accent pieces and make a great choice for three-stone engagement rings. This diamond is triangular in shape and has three sides with 31-50 facets. It’s also known as Triangle diamonds or Trilliant.

Experts advise us to use the 4Cs when evaluating diamonds. The 4Cs are not necessary for a trillion-cut diamond. It is possible to assess its colorlessness and determine if it is really a trillion-cut diamond. This will increase the ring’s worth by significant degrees.

Shopping for the perfect trillion-cut diamond is not difficult for those who don’t have any experience. You can still find a high-quality, authentic diamond, contrary to popular belief. You can get feedback from trusted jewelers to confirm that you are returning home with a quality diamond.

Then you can choose one that is both within your budget and eye-catching. Diamonds can be a substantial investment so it is important to know some buying tips.

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A trillion-cut diamond is not what it says. You won’t find a trillion cuts in it. A gemstone that is shaped like a triangle will be what you see. The name is derived from the term “trilliant”.

Holding a trillion-cut diamond closer to the sunlight will reveal that its length is equal on all three sides. The surface of the center of the diamond will look exactly like the top-flat portion of a table. Trillion cut gemstones are extremely rare because they are different from traditional cuts.

This particular diamond was first in the spotlight in 1960s. It still has a unique appeal today. For those who want to be different and show their taste, the trillion cut diamond is an excellent choice.

This style is most commonly used to pair with other gemstones. Others still prefer it when they want to make a stunning and chic engagement ring .

Recognizing a Trillion Cut Diamond

Trillion-cut gems are rare but it is possible to distinguish them. The true trillion cut is distinguished by its extraordinary sparkle and equal length on all three sides. It also has a flat, table-like center that makes it easy to miss.

A trillion cuts are brilliance due to the fire they unleash. It closely resembles traditional round cuts, which have a central table. While round cuts are classic, trillion is more modern.

You’ll see the younger generation wearing trillion-cut diamonds more often. Trillion cut is a popular choice for people who want it to be featured in their engagement rings. This versatile style can be used as an accent stone or as the main feature in a ring.

One may choose a trillion-cut diamond for another purpose, so its cut and shape can vary. It can have between 31 and 50 facets due to its versatility, especially if it is the central gemstone.

Due to the convex angle formed by a slight curvature, a trillion diamond will appear larger to the eyes. As an accent to your ring, place a trillion cut along the side. It will contain 31 facets. There is no curvature that will make your gemstone seem larger.

History of Trillions Cut

Henry Meyer was the founder of the Diamond Company in New York. He was the first to patent this brilliant cut. Historical research suggests that the modern trilliant, which combines brilliance and a triangle with its name, was very popular in Amsterdam from the 19th century.

There are many variations of the trillion-cut diamond over the years. The shape and facets can be altered to your convenience.

What does a Trillion cut cost at Diamonds USA?

Although you don’t need to pay attention to the 4Cs to believe that a diamond is a trillion, they are important to consider when determining its value. You have the option of using trillions as accents, or you can use them to value your diamond.

The price of a diamond will depend on its carat weight, how many diamonds are in it, and what setting it is set in.

A good cut Trillion should have a Depth % between 38 and 44, giving it a large size. Image by Diamonds-usa

Buying Guide

  • Truly unique, trillion-cut diamonds are rare. Instead of focusing on the 4Cs you should think about your goals for selecting trillion.

Trillion diamonds have a flat 40% depth, compared to the 60% of rounds. They look much larger than any other shape.

  • You must make sure the color and clarity of the trillion-cut diamond accent is consistent with the ring’s center.
  • The three-stone engagement rings are the most sought after of all the trillion cuts.
  • Trillion cuts are more shallow. The diamond will appear larger if it has a horizontal distribution. It can dull the stone’s brilliance if it is too low.
  • The best choice is moderate-sized trillion diamonds.
  • The shape hides most of the imperfections. A trillion-cut diamond is visually more attractive with no visible color loss or inclusions.
  • When choosing trillion-cut diamonds, quality is more important than color. Consider the setting’s quality, color, and how it matches the jewelry pieces.

Before purchasing a trillion-cut diamond, it is a good idea to consult reputable jewelers. The most popular types of trillion-cut diamonds are three-stone and hexagonal, double and double halo configurations.

You will need to request a ring that has a trillion-cut diamond as the centerpiece in order to purchase it.

Due to their large mm sizes, Trillion earring-studs are a great choice.