Do you know how to charge a vape battery safely? These devices can be risky if the user does not take care to use them as intended. In most cases, reckless charging of these devices can result in explosions, deformed batteries, or even risk injuring the user.

However, there are still safety measures you can take when charging your vape battery to ensure it doesn’t get destroyed or even risk injuring yourself. 

Here are seven tips on charging your vape battery safely before using it.

  1. Don’t Leave Your Battery To Charge Overnight

If you have been out partying all night and want to ensure that your vape pens are charged and ready to go for the next day’s activities, you should consider unplugging your device before going to bed, even if it’s not fully charged. 

It might be less harmful to the device’s health to charge it for only a few hours than to let it charge overnight. Leaving your battery to charge overnight results in overcharging and may not be safe for your battery and the device. 

  1. Don’t Overcharge the Battery

Charging a battery should take approximately 2 hours, from 0% to 100%. Once the battery has reached 100%, the charger should stop charging it. This is the best way to ensure you do not overcharge your battery. 

If you overcharge a device, it could lead to overheating, damage, or even an explosion. If you notice your battery has charged to 100% and the charger has not stopped, unplug the device right away.

 If you are using a battery that came with a charger, read the instructions so that you know how long to charge it. There should be information about the manufacturer’s recommended charging time.

  1. Use the Correct Charger

The best way to charge a vape battery is with a dedicated charger. This will help protect your battery from overcharging, which could lead to overheating. If you try to charge your vape with a standard smartphone charger, you could cause your battery to overheat or short-circuit. 

And since these are general-use chargers, you probably aren’t using the correct voltage for your vape battery. The easiest way to know if you’re using the correct charger is to check your vape’s manual. Nearly every e-cig brand has a page on its website with information about the battery, charger, and other parts.

  1. Use a Surge Protector 

If you are charging your vape battery with a wall outlet, use a surge protector to safeguard the device from electrical surges. This way, if there is a power surge, it will go through the surge protector and not your battery. 

A surge protector is an essential device that sits between your outlet and your device. A surge diverts the extra electricity away from your device, making it less likely for your vape battery to be damaged or catch on fire.

 A surge protector can also help protect your device from electrical spikes. A spike can cause your device to short-circuit, damaging your equipment and leaving you without power.

  1. Always check Your Vape Battery for Damage Before Using it

If you are using a battery that came with your vape, always check it for damage before using it. If the packaging is damaged, do not use the battery. If your battery has a crack or a dent, do not use it. It could be damaged inside, causing a build-up of electricity that could make it explode or catch on fire. 

If your battery has a short circuit, do not use it. A short circuit is when electricity flows out of the battery outside. You should also not use a battery if the wrapper is peeling off, the color is fading, or the battery is deformed. 

If your battery has any of these issues, do not use it. You could be putting yourself and others at risk of injury.

  1. Use battery cases when charging

When charging your vape batteries, placing them inside battery cases is essential. Battery cases help prevent the battery from coming into contact with a metallic material that might short circuit your battery when charging. This may cause your battery to explode or vent. 

Battery cases come in different designs and materials, so you can find one that fits your needs from online or local stores.

7. Charge your battery for short periods

It’s tempting to leave your vape plugged in for as long as possible to ensure it’s fully charged. However, leaving a vape battery plugged in for long periods can cause it to charge unevenly. This is known as overcharging and can be very dangerous for your battery. 

The best practice is to plug in your charger, unplug it when the light turns green, and then unplug it again after a few hours. Vape batteries are designed to be charged in short bursts. 

The lithium-ion battery in your vape is designed to charge to about 80% capacity. This is good because an all-the-way-to-100% charge would be bad for your battery. The best way to protect your vape battery from overcharging is to plug it into a timer. 


Batteries are essential components of your vape devices. Without them, your device cannot function as intended. Caring for your battery is, therefore, crucial, especially when charging. We hope that reading the tips mentioned above will give you an insight into the best ways to safely charge your vape device and prolong its life.