Are you a Canberra homeowner? Do you have a Canberra backyard? You can make your backyard more fun and unique by creating a design that is original. You can also use the space for smaller backyard parties and family gatherings, which will add charm to your backyard. Let’s look at some amazing ideas for designing your backyard to make Canberra’s summer even more enjoyable.

Redesigning your backyard

The capital country pool company is the best choice if you’re looking for pool professionals in Canberra or a way to make your pool stand out. They offer the best virtual pool consultation. They offer a wide range of fiberglass pools in a variety shapes. You can choose from a variety of colors and have special features such as self-cleaning.

This is where you should be focusing when designing your backyard.

To achieve a perfect result, there are specific areas or factors you should focus on. Let’s talk about these factors.

  1. Designing for a purpose: Before you start designing your yard, consider the purpose of it. You may want to host large parties, spend time with loved ones, or have a family reunion. You can later ask your designers to design accordingly.
  2. Layout: Now you can create a layout for your entire party. The space can be used for another purpose. Some space can be kept around the pool to allow for swimming. The best place to relax is a sitting area where you can chat, drink or barbecue.
  3. Plan your seating arrangements. Place the chairs around the fire pit to enjoy the soothing sounds. You can also sunbathe during the day. You can set up large sofas and sitting cushions in a circular arrangement or another pattern that allows everyone to interact.
  4. Lighting: Beautiful lighting can bring life to any party. You can change the mood of your party by using LED lights and rice lights.
  5. Food and beverages are key factors in any party, no matter how large or small. For better management, you can separate the food corner.

Tips for maintaining a pool

The swimming pool is the centerpiece of any backyard party, or any other occasion at your Canberra home. The pool makes the surrounding more enjoyable and fun. Here are some ways to keep your pool clean.

  • You can adjust the size of your pool to meet your needs. The larger pools will require more maintenance time and money. The small pools can be used for exercise.
  • It can be done with robotics, floor cleaners and suction. The pool can be cleaned by itself nowadays.
  • Additional materials: You can add additional equipment such as a pump, filter or sanitizer. You can make the pool easier to maintain.
  • Pool covers: These pool covers protect the pool from contaminants like plastic wrappers and fallen leaves.


You can extend the life of your pool by taking good care of it.