The Breeders Cup is the largest horse racing event in the world. Organisers are always improving the event and introducing new technology into the world of horseracing.

The Breeders’ Cup has forged many partnerships over the years that have increased the excitement of the event. These include specially designed smartphone apps, AI, and new technology to stream the event and get a closer look at it.

We now have another partnership, whereby the STEP CG and the Breeders’ Cup Limited announced that the Kentucky-based IT solutions firm would be the official partner for the Breeders’ Cup World Championship.

The series of will take place on November 4 and 5, 2022 at Keeneland race Course in Lexington, Kentucky and you can already bet the 2022 Breeders’ Cup online with TwinSpires here.

Kentucky IT Company and Breeders’ Cup Partnership

Drew Fleming, the CEO of Breeders Cup stated that the main objective of the Breeders Cup is to create new partnerships with third parties in order to offer the best experience possible for all who attend the Breeders Cup World Championship.

The new partnership is with STEP CG, as they recognize the importance of offering an enchased experience to the guests of the event and the strategic prowess required to execute the Breeders Cup Championship races at Keeneland.

Technology is changing rapidly and horse racing enthusiasts are engaging in big horse racing events using new and innovative methods. It is important to get the help of an IT company to make the event more appealing to a younger audience.

STEP CG will set up wireless connections within the structures designed specifically for the 2022 World Champs. STEP CG might even upload additional access points for Keeneland’s existing Guest Wi-Fi community, to allow purchasers to more easily join the entire facility.

STEP CG will also display hardware and carriers at various stages in the Breeders Cup World Championships. They also provide technical support leading up to and during race days.

Ed Walton, CEO of STEP CG stated that STEP CG was a Kentucky-based business and is honored to have been selected as the Technology Partner for the Breeders Cup. “Equestrian enthusiasts are engaging in content consumption and racing in innovative ways. We are helping the Breeders’ Cup embrace the future horse racing.

What will this partnership bring to the viewers?

Every horse racing event, particularly big ones such as the Breeders Cup, is packed full of technology. Organizers can find it difficult to manage all aspects of technology, including news and information about participants, streaming services, and many other things.

An IT company is necessary to enhance the experience for all those who want to see high-end horse racing.

This is the sport of kings and the fans are placing huge bets. It is essential that the Breeders Cup provides the best experience possible. Although this is a highly regarded race, it’s great to see organizers working hard to make the race more enjoyable.

Horse racing’s future will not be affected by the introduction of new technology, but it will add to the drama and excitement that come with these amazing races.

We hope to see more partnerships like this in the future. This will make horse racing more exciting for viewers and provide a fresh perspective that could increase the sport’s acceptance, particularly among younger audiences.