Oras Closet Scam Or Legit answers this question by providing all the details necessary to prove its legitimacy.

Do you love to have a closet full of colorful dresses? Are you a person who finds online shopping a stress reliever? You might want to find a legitimate website online. An e-commerce site in the United States started selling fashionable clothing. This article will discuss this and determine whether is a scam or legit.

Legitimacy assessment

We will continue to look into the site in order to learn more about its legitimacy.

  • Domain age: The domain of oras closet has been created on 26/10/2014. Therefore, the domain age for this domain is 7 years 11 months
  • Domain expiry date: The domain of oras closet expires on 26/10/2022
  • Trust score: Good score of 80 %
  • Originality of content: They own all their content (100%)
  • Registrar Name: Godaddy.LLC
  • Ranking Global Alexa – not available
  • Missing information: policy details
  • Data protection: The website displays SSL and HTTPS certificates, which help to reduce data theft.
  • Oras Closet Reviews: available
  • Data protection: The website displays SSL and HTTPS certificates, which help to reduce data theft.
  • SEO Score: 62%

Information about the website

Oras is a boutique that has won numerous awards in the U.S. Their showroom is located in Mississippi, and they sell online. They offer curbside pick up, in-store shopping, and delivery pickups. Oras closet products are

  • Maxi tops, broken tops and chill sets are all options for dresses.
  • Products for plus-sized women such as blossom dresses, jazzy set, swing dresses and rompers are available.
  • Accessory
  • Shoes

Ora’s specifications

Specifications can help us determine Is Oras Closet Scam? It helps us prove the legitimacy and authenticity of the website. It is a reflection of the authenticity of the brand. Here it is.

  • Customers can purchase from : https://orasclosetboutique.com
  • Email address: info@orasclosetboutique.com.
  • Phone number:+1 8883790992
  • Name of social media accounts: They have more than 20000 Instagram followers and more than 1500 posts. Their social media account name was Ora’s Closet Boutique.
  • Address information: 3332 N Liberty St. Canton MS 39046. U.S.
  • Newsletter options: available
  • Customer Reviews: It is available on their social media pages. This helps us check whether is Oras Closet Scam oder Legit
  • Shipping policy: They have not included their shipping policy details. They claimed that they would deliver the product quickly and did not provide any information regarding shipping costs.
  • They have posted the information on their Instagram pages. Customers have 30 days to return the products. No refund information is available.
  • Privacy policy: They have detailed every aspect of their policy
  • Cancellation policy: Customers should cancel products within 30 minutes.
  • Apps available in the Play Store
  • Payment options: Digital payments, PayPal and cards

Oras Closet Scam? Or Legit. This question can be answered by analysing its strengths and limitations in the section below.


  • This website has offline stores in the United States. We can view the details of the stores on Google pages. It appears to be a Google-verified shop.
  • There have been many positive comments online.
  • They have not made any unrealistic offers regarding their products.


  • They were more focused on their social media accounts than their website and store, so there are no sections for Oras Clothes Reviews on their website.
  • The website does not contain mandatory information such as return, refund and shipping policies.
  • There are no restrictions on bulk orders


Google reviews have given this store 5-star ratings. Facebook customer reviews have given Ora’s closet 4.9-star ratings. We couldn’t see any comments on the website. Their excellent customer service and quality products were highly praised by most of their customers. This website seems to be legitimate. This article on how to spot credit card spam is available.


The article Oras Closet Scam Or Legit addresses the question. Oras closet appears to be a legitimate business because of the positive reviews received by customers and genuine reviews. The Malwares section of the Paypal scam article is also worth reading. The website also has its own Google page and an application in the Google Play Store. The website has a high trust score. Shop at.

Is this enough to clear up your doubts? Let us know your thoughts about this store in comments.