This post Jeffrey Taylor Suicide will cover all the details and investigations surrounding the death of the 7 year-old boy.

Are you sure that there are no racial slurs in the world? Let’s tell you the story of a 7 year-old boy from the United States, who committed suicide because of social discrimination.

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Jeffrey Taylor was murdered?

Jeffrey Taylor was a first-grade boy in 7th grade. Jeffrey Taylor, a 7-year-old boy in first grade, took his mom’s gun out of her bible and shot him in the head in his bedroom on 20 December 2019. According to sources, Jeffrey killed himself in his room after he was confronted by bullying and racism at school. The victim’s mother Lakeshia Chaney is now suing the school following the death of her child four years ago. She believes that someone has stood up against this partiality.

Information on Jeffrey Taylor Obituary

The heartbreaking news of the death of a child has been covered by social media and news channels. We were unable to find any information about his funeral. Jeffrey’s suicide was not recorded. The police haven’t found any evidence that Jeffrey killed himself deliberately or inadvertently. According to sources, Jeffrey’s parents believe that he died from racial discrimination at school. He was the only child of color in his class.

Legal proceedings by mother

Lakeshia Chaney stated that she must take a stand against Jeffrey Taylor suicide. She has therefore decided to sue the school, and one of its teachers, as she believes they played a significant part in his death. She believes her child died because of negligence by the teacher and district.

Why did the boy commit suicide?

Jeffrey died the day before his winter break ended on the last day at his school. Lakeshia Chaney, Jeffrey’s mother, stated that Jeffrey came to her crying a few days prior to his death and told her how tired he was. Learn more about Jeffrey Taylor Suicide. According to sources, he was bullied by his classmates and called the N-word. They made fun of Jeffrey’s appearance and called him ugly and snaggletooth. Jeffrey’s parents claimed that their child tried to avoid school due to the embarrassment it caused him.

Note: All details are based online sources. We are not personally blaming anyone.


We can conclude from this post that the parents of the child suffered extreme trauma and distress. We hope they can find new hope. According to sources, bullying and discrimination must be taken seriously by the authorities and police. This page contains more information about Jeffrey’s case.

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