The guide provides information about the store as well as impartial Matandmax reviews to help customers make the right decision.

Are you searching for a name to buy products for your hair and beauty on the internet? Are you looking to purchase products for your hair and beauty at an affordable price? is the site you should visit, but only after a thorough analysis and assessment. offers an online shop offering a variety of beauty products hair care products, hair color and extensions. The site offers hair coloring extensions, hair color as well as nail care tools and beauty products from various brands.

It boasts that it has its stores located in Canada in Canada and also serves all over the world with its lengthy catalog of hair and beauty care products. But, it is essential to be sure to read the Matandmax reviews prior to purchasing.

What is Matandmax?

Matandmax is an internet-based shop offering professional hair and beauty products and services. The store features a huge selection of products available for purchase, and the they are made by reputable brands. The store offers items for nail care and extensions, tools hair color and much more.

The store serves customers from all over the world with a variety of hair and beauty products. You can find a variety of branded items at reasonable prices. But, it’s essential to read reviews online prior to shopping to avoid scams and find out whether Matandmax legit or a scam.


  • Website Link –
  • Product Category – Beauty, Hair Care, Color, Extensions and Nail Care Products
  • Payments – PayPal, Credit/Debit Card
  • Email Help –
  • Phone Number – Not Available
  • Address – 4872, Rue Saint-Denis, Montreal, QC, H2J 2L6
  • Email Newsletter – Subscribe to Get 10% Off
  • Domain Registration – 12th Dec 2009, 12 Yrs, Eight Month and Four Days
  • Shipping guidelines – The store provides free shipping to Canada on orders that exceed $39 or $75 in the USA. The shipping cost for orders less than $39 is a flat rate of $9. The time of delivery is a range of one-day delivery up to six days dependent on the location.
  • Refund and Return According to the Matandmax reviews Customers are required to return the damaged product within 10 days of receiving the product. Customers are required to make a request for a return via their email address. A pickup will be scheduled. When the product has been received the refund will be issued to the account of the customer.
  • Social Media Link – Active on Social Media, Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest

Pros of Matandmax

  • Beauty products of professional quality
  • Tools and products for hair care
  • Refunds and returns are possible
  • Free shipping on orders over $39!
  • Promo code for checkout to avail discounts

Cons of Matandmax

  • The name of the founder isn’t used in any way.
  • The website does not provide an address or phone number.

Is Matandmax Legit or Scam?

Reviewing online stores before purchasing is crucial since it lets consumers be aware of their authenticity and stay away from scams online. After reviewing We discovered the following information.

  • The domain was registered 12 years ago, on 12th December 2009, and during July they upgraded their domain, and extended the extension until 12th December 2027.
  • The trust score is 100% with a trust rating of 86 percent. The site has received high trust scores. However, further testing is needed prior to purchasing.
  • The site has received multiple Matandmax reviews on the internet from online shoppers. There are many reviews and reviews from online customers.
  • The website does not share details of the founder’s name and telephone number, except for the contact form.
  • The store is active on Social Media pages on Facebook, Instagram and more.
  • Discounts are offered on all items, as well as an additional 10% discount when you sign up to the newsletter.

The site appears to be legitimate and isn’t a scam according to these aspects. However, it’s important to examine the website thoroughly prior to shopping and read honest reviews to make an informed purchase.

Customer Reviews!

We’ve come across a number of Matandmax reviews online that have received good reviews. A lot of customers have stated that the store has high-quality items from well-known brands. Many customers have stated that the store has high-end products , and has great deals on its website.

The majority of consumers have posted favorable feedback and opinions regarding the products and deals. However, it is essential to go through all feedback and reviews of other customers in order to make the right purchase. Additionally, reading the internet guide to spot Credit Card Scams is essential.

Conclusion is an internet retailer that sells a range of products for hair care, nail cure tools, and other beauty products. The site has been praised with numerous positive reviews of Matandmax with excellent ratings. It is however necessary to study the website more thoroughly and read all reviews and comments prior to making a purchase decision. Also, take a look at the on-line guide to identifying PayPal Scams.

Have you purchased any products for your beauty needs from the shop? Do share your experience in the comments section.