Titles from HTML0 are Daniel Alves da Silva (Juazeiro, Bahia, Brazil, 1983) to make him at 39 years old the most successful soccer player in the history of football. Many consider him to be the greatest right back of this century made his way back in the Camp Nou for Christmas to strengthen Barcelona with Xavi and, even at his age, Alves da Silva continues prove that he is not losing the competitive spirit started to develop after he was a part of Sevilla over 19 years ago. He first joined on loan by Esporte Clube de Bahia and several months later already owned at a cost of less than one Million euros.

On Sunday, Sevilla will be the day that Sevilla takes on Monchi who took Sevilla to the opposite end of the Pond in the beginning of January. Because next to the story in the case of Alves an additional legend has been created, that of probably the greatest manager of sports in all the planet. Despite having sold footballers worth more than 500 million euros over the last 20 years Ramon Rodriguez Verdejo does not ever stop raving about the extra value and the performance that the Brazilian right-back “The one I’d consider as a hiring model as well as an example of a potential economic performance that brought the club to Sevilla is clearly Daniel Alves. We saw him virtually from nowhere. He needed to get some time to get used to the surroundings, and after that Sevilla did not want to win five championships. In the end the team was sold, which resulted in huge capital gains which is why to the present, he remains deeply in love with Sevilla”.

4, five million euros, including bonuses, and the departure from Fernando Navarro, ended with the departure of Dani Alves in the box when he left Barcelona in August 2008. following the beginning of the current season of Sevilla winnings by winning the two first Europa Leagues, a Copa del Rey and the European Super Cup and another in Spain. “It is a joy to be a part in Monchi’s rich history. The greatest benefit of Monchi is that it can find out what people cannot notice. This is what has made it the most successful in Seville. Being a part of a tale like it is always a pleasure” Says the current Barcelona lover of the man who introduced Seville across Europe within the novel The Monchi Method, by Daniel Pinilla.

In the last few months prior to returning to Barcelona after trying to play for Juventus, PSG and Sao Paulo, Daniel made a name for himself, and allowed himself to be loved by Sevilla. Daniel ended up at Camp Nou however, I’m sure he feels extremely emotional to be reunited with the Nervionenses once more, with a Jesus Navas who was one of the most offensive right-wings around the globe and that he will be wearing the bracelet in the white and red eleven. “I keep Sevilla within my soul and my soul because it’s something important to me. Everyone knows this” The Brazilian has said on numerous occasions.