Cheerleading has grown as a sport and entertainment during the past two decades. First, some clarifications. First, the entertainment industry loves cheerleading. TV and film topics. Cheerleading is a sport. If you’re reading this, you’ve probably seen several cheering movies or shows. No matter how bad 2017 Global #Cheersmack was, sports fans must watch the complete Bring It On franchise. We’re watching for the cheer routines, not the acting, right? This article lists the top scripted and reality cheerleading shows!

Best Scripted TV Shows About Cheerleading

Cheerleaders rule the school in cheerleading movies and TV shows. They’re popular and preppy. They can be polite (like Torrance in Bring It On) or mean (like in Fab Five: The Texas Cheerleader Scandal, based on true events). However, scripted TV series about cheerleaders are fun, so let’s start!

Hellcats, The CW (2010 – 2011)

Remember Eliza Dushku’s portrayal of Missy Pantone in Bring It On? She was the angsty brunette who joined the Rancho Carne High School cheerleading squad because the school had no gymnastics team. Marti Perkins, the protagonist of The CW’s Hellcats, has similar difficulties. Marti studies pre-law at Lancer University. Due to her mother’s employment at the university’s pub, Marti is the recipient of a unique employee scholarship. As a result of the administration’s decision to eliminate the scholarship program, Marti is compelled to find an alternative way to pay her education. She chooses the cheerleading group without hesitation. As she and her new teammates fight to win Nationals, she makes both friends and foes on the squad.

Dare Me, USA Network (2019 – 2020)

Nobody ever imagined that cheerleading could become so sinister. Apart from the light and humorous tones of Hellcats, Dare Me explores the “physical and psychological extremes” that are part of the power struggle in high school competitive cheerleading. If you’ve ever wondered how far people would go to advance their careers, this cheering display may provide an explanation. Dare Me focuses heavily on the connection between Addy and Beth, two best friends whose bond begins to deteriorate as their cheerleading coach brings unexpected adjustments. In addition, a startling murder disrupts the tranquility of their little Midwestern community, forever altering the girls’ lives. The first season of the show has just concluded on USA Network. There is currently no information on a second season, however Netflix holds exclusive rights to distribute the series outside the United States. With any luck, it will garner a large enough audience to merit a second season.

Hit the Floor, VH1/BET (2013 – 2018)

Hit the Floor distinguishes itself from other scripted cheerleading series by going beyond high school and collegiate cheerleading. Now, we will discuss cheerleading in the professional sports scene. The Devil Girls are the cheerleaders for the fictional Los Angeles basketball team, the Los Angeles Devils. Whereas personal drama in high school and college tends to stay in those environments, the professional world is an entirely different story. In Hit the Floor, relationships are significantly more intricate and (unknowingly) entangled. When your entire career is at stake, jealousy is far more intense. And politics within teams are considerably more vicious. In 2018, Hit the Floor was canceled after four seasons. Luckily, creator James LaRose resolved any unresolved plotlines via Instagram.


Best Cheerleading Reality TV Shows

Cheerleading demands an enormous level of ability, discipline, and courage, as is common knowledge. Cheerleaders must be proficient in a variety of dance styles, floor gymnastics, and tumbling. They must also maintain their health and fitness. And kids must not fear falling when being lifted or tossed into the air. The risk of injury in cheerleading is also no laughing matter! While most of us only observe the final routines during sports and competitions, few are aware of the amount of effort that goes into them. There are currently a variety of television series that depict the inner workings of various teams and contests. After viewing these cheerleading reality shows, we’re confident that you’ll have a deeper regard and admiration for the sport and its courageous participants.

Cheer, Netflix (2020 – present)

Netflix has a tendency for producing original docuseries, and Cheer is one of the most recent to originate from a major streaming service. It closely resembles their four-season football series, Last Chance. Organization that focuses on football players at the collegiate level This time, Cheer follows the Corsicana, Texas, community college cheerleading squad from Navarro College. Prior to appearing in the documentary, the North Carolina Bulldogs had won fourteen NCA National Championships in the JUCO (junior college) level and five Grand Nationals. Throughout the first season’s six episodes, we see how one of the best and most decorated cheering teams in the nation prepares for the annual National Cheerleading Championship in Daytona, Florida. We get to know some of the squad members as they compete for one of the 20 positions in the NCC routine (known as “making the mat”), and we build opinions on early favorites. We also watch the intensity of their training as they practice for hours every day, repeating the same routine and stunts day after day – not to mention the heart-stopping accidents and resulting injuries that cause us to tense up in our seats. The second season of Cheer starts on Netflix on January 12, 2022, and will not only follow the Navarro cheerleading squad as they prepare to defend their championship title, but also the Trinity Valley Community College cheerleading squad, Navarro’s main competitor.

Cheerleader Nation, Lifetime (2006)

Cheerleader Nation transports us back to the year 2006! Similar to Cheer, the show followed a multi-award winning squad as they prepared for a national championship competition. Cheerleader Nation varies from Cheer (in addition to being based in Lexington, Kentucky as opposed to Texas) in that its squad is comprised of high school students. In particular, it includes the Paul Laurence Dunbar High School team. In Cheerleader Nation, we see how physically taxing the activity is regardless of the age of the participants. In addition, viewers have the opportunity to get to know some of the team members better. Because to the girls’ youth, the show also focuses on their relationships with their parents (particularly their mothers) and how their involvement affects their performance on the squad. The squad soars through trials, Regionals, and Nationals — where they are competing for their third consecutive championship!

Cheerleader Generation, Lifetime (2019)

13 years after the launch of Cheerleader Nation, cheerleading coach Donna Martin of Paul Laurence Dunbar High School participates in yet another reality television program featuring her prestigious high school cheerleading squad. Those who have seen the original will recall that Donna’s daughter Ryan was on the winning team in 2006. Ryan herself returns in Cheerleader Generation, this time as the cheering coach for Ole Miss! While Donna rules her squad like a surrogate mother, Ryan’s approach to her college team is more detached, but by no means less compassionate. Both strategies are equally effective, and the mother-daughter duo strives to get their teams to the top of their respective national championship divisions. In between training sessions, both coaches must deal with the personal drama of their team members, and the audience is privy to it all.

Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team, CMT (2006 – present)

The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders (DCC) are appropriately nicknamed “America’s Sweethearts.” Initially, the DCC was the first NFL team to perform while wearing miniature uniforms. And secondly, every single one of them is breathtakingly beautiful, although this could be said of any NFL cheerleading team. Nevertheless, there is a reason why the DCC are considered the finest team in the Eastern NFC of the NFL, and CMT’s Creating the Team documentary series explains why. The show has continued to its 16th season, which debuted in 2021, after seeing such success following its 2006 debut. Each episode focuses on a stage of the audition process for hundreds of attractive aspirants to fulfill their dream of dancing for the Dallas Cowboys, including bootcamp, dance instruction, simulated media interviews, physical fitness testing, and a written exam on various NFL-related topics. Each season concludes with only 36 young ladies remaining.

Cheer Squad, ABC Spark (2016)

Going outside of the continental United States, Cheer Squad demonstrates the transnational phenomenon that cheering remains. The focus is on the Great White Sharks, Canada’s national cheerleading squad. It is no longer the objective in Cheer Squad to pit high school or college teams against one another. It is not even about whose team is the greatest in the region. So, the objective is to determine who is the best in the world. The Great White Sharks have already won multiple medals in the world championships, but it hasn’t stopped them from seeking a third. From veterans to rookies, open tryouts to a brand-new roster, professional football games to in-between competitions, bickering amongst themselves and facing off against old rivals, Cheer Squad delves into the preparations for an international competition – and the personal drama that accompanies it.

Cheerleaders, AwesomnessTV (2013 – 2019)

AwesomenessTV has the first web series on our list with Cheerleaders! Because AwesomenessTV has created a separate YouTube account for its cheerleading series, all past and present seasons are available for free streaming — whenever and as often as you like. The series premiered in 2013, the same year that the California All-Stars SMOED (small coed team) won the division’s World Championship. Cheerleaders was created to provide fans with an inside peek at how the All-Star team trains to become – and remain – the greatest in the world. 2012 was not the first year that the California SMOED team won, but it marked the beginning of a multi-year winning streak that continued until 2015. Due of this, the Cheerleaders series includes both victories and defeats, but the hard effort never ceases. Cheerhab is a bonus episode on AwesomenessTV in which the Cali All-Stars coaches “rehabilitate” a faltering All-Stars team. Check it out on the YouTube channel for Cheerleaders!

Cheerleader U (2007)

Cheerleader U reintroduces college-level cheerleading by chronicling the University of Kentucky cheer team’s journey to the Nationals in 2007. The tough process begins with the tryouts. Throughout the six episodes, the team’s fierce athleticism and tenacity are on display. Although being a documentary, the show does not focus excessively on the members’ personal difficulties, which distinguishes it. There are a few references to dates, but they are placed in the background to emphasize the competitive nature of cheerleading.If you love sports and want to learn more about other sports played around the world, then why don’t you check out for news about UK Football.