You’re at the right place if you are looking for a Sore-Tales Review to determine if a website is a scam or a trustworthy one. Take a closer at this website to determine its legitimacy.

Highlights of the Website

  • Domain name: Sore-Tales .com
  • Website name: Sore-Tales
  • Email: support@sore-tales .com
  • Name and Address of the Parent Company: Landbase Trading Co., Ltd., 146a Whitchurch Road Cardiff, Wales CF143NA
  • Categories of Products Available on its Website: ALL COLLECTIONS, ALL PRODUCTS and HOT SALE
  • The products listed on its website are: Waterproof Solar Garden Fireworks Lamps, Dragon Lamps, Smart Fish Bite Alarms, Funny Cute Balls Shaped Like Cats, Waterproof Solar Cypress Tree Lights, Children’s drawing rolls, etc.

What is Sore all about?

This online store claims to sell the products listed above. There are many things to know before you choose this online shop as your shopping destination.

The online store Sore Tales has been labelled as one of the shady ones due to:

Contact Information

Sore Tales has been questioned for its credibility and legitimacy because LANDBASE TRADING COMPANY, LTD is linked to a number of problematic and fraudulent sites such as Tightarely, FemospStore, Glow Bear, Continuala, Prevailme, Elementarye, Inferrtcore, Coherentn etc.

Note that many similar sites change the name of their parent company and its address in order to avoid detection. It is possible that this site will do the same thing.

Sale and Discount Offers

Sore Tales uses heavily discounted prices as a strategy to attract customers. Legitimate online shops offer modest discounts. This raises questions about Sore-Tales’ credibility.

Copying Content

Sore-Tales shares many similarities in its website design and content with other problematic websites, which raises questions about its reliability and authenticity.

Website security:

The website’s lack of security is evident if it uses a fake Norton trust seal logo on the few Product Detail Pages. Customers who shop on this site are at risk of having their financial and personal information stolen, including credit card numbers.

Social Media Presence

It is alarming that there are no social media icons on the Sore Tales website. This implies that they do not use social media to engage with their customers. Online stores that are reputable usually have social media icons linking to their social media pages for business. This allows customers to interact with the brand, and keep up to date about their products and service.

Customer complaints and delivery:

Customers have complained about similar online stores, including slow delivery, inadequate customer service and poor after-sales care.

Our Final Verdict:

We can infer from the above facts that Sore-Tales online store is a suspect one.

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Many new online shops are now claiming to offer huge discounts on a variety of items, but they are all scams. It’s best to avoid the new online shops or to do some research prior to purchasing anything from them. Most of these online stores will not deliver the items purchased to their customers or they may deliver items that are completely different or low quality. Some scam online shops have even charged clients’ credit cards randomly, without their consent. If you’ve ever made a mistake and purchased from a scam site, you should immediately contact your bank to ensure your credit card details are protected.