This post Is Milfordqarter Scam Or Legit will provide all details regarding the legitimacy of the website. It is intended to help customers get to know the site better.

Are you looking forward to Halloween? Do you want to buy Halloween decorations online? Let us introduce you Milfordqarter, a shop in the United States. To learn more about this website, read the Is Milfordqarter Scam? or Legit post.

Legitimacy information from Milfordqarter

These are some data about Milfordqarter which can help you decide if it is worth investing in.

  • Website creation Milfordqarter was established on 21 February 2022
  • Registrar – Amazon Registrar, Inc., is the registrar for Milfordqarter
  • Trust score Milfordqarter has an average trust score of 8%
  • Social media accounts Milfordqarter maintains its social media accounts on Facebook and Twitter.
  • Privacy policy All policies relating to the website are available on the official website of the shop.
  • Buyers reviews We were unable to find Milfordqarter Review on the shop’s official website.

Features of Milfordqarter

  • Customer care number: +1662-736-8356
  • Address: 1270 Andrus St, Akron, OH 44301
  • Products offered – Christmas and Halloween decorations, toys and strollers, for children
  • Return policy: Customers have 30 days to return items and will receive their refund within 10 business days.
  • Shipping Policy Products delivered within 8-12 business days
  • Payment methods – The payment methods are not available on this website.

Positive points

  • You can contact the shop via email, phone, or postal mail.

Negative points

  • The website does not list the payment methods that are required for the shop.

Milfordqarter Review

There are no reviews yet on the official shop website. There were no reviews on any online review sites. It is difficult to judge whether the website sells high quality products because there are no reviews. There were also no reviews on the website’s social media accounts. Customers may want to look at credit card scams via the post.


This website is very old and has a low trust score. We advise customers to conduct their research on Legit before they visit this website. Customers can review the steps to avoid PayPal scammers. To learn more about Christmas decorations

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