Few places match the beauty of New Zealand’s North- and South Islands. The variety of landscapes, from stunning valleys to majestic mountain ranges to picture-perfect beaches is amazing. The country may be the only one in the world where you can go surfing at night and ski at breakfast, thanks to the stunning scenery.

New Zealand has become a top destination for natural tourism, drawing millions of tourists every year since the opening of its borders. The country’s natural beauty has been used by movie studios, including Lord of the Rings. These breathtaking views are difficult to duplicate elsewhere, so movie-makers don’t have to use CGI to create the scenes they want. Continue reading to see some of the most memorable movies shot in New Zealand.

Lord of the Rings

Many of the stunning landscapes featured in the Lord of the Rings trilogy were shot in New Zealand. Do you remember the famous city of Minas Tirith. Or the impenetrable Helms Deep Castle? These iconic motifs of the LOTR trilogy were filmed here. The locations used for The Fellowship of the Ring and The Two Towers and The Return of the King were filmed in over 150 locations across the North and South Islands. This allowed the country to take full advantage of its diverse scenery.

The first glimpse at Gollum’s video games enthusiasts shows that the Lord of the Rings franchise is still popular. While there are many factors that contributed to the success of the film series, it is hard not to acknowledge the impact of New Zealand’s stunning scenery on the overall popularity.


Filming Wolverine, the box office hit of 2009, was mostly done in Otago on the South Island. Hugh Jackman’s iconic portrayal of the X-Men character by Hugh Jackman is a major reason for the film’s continuing success. But you can’t forget the stunning natural landscapes.

The Deer Park Heights mountain range was Wolverine’s residence during most of the film. It has unrivaled views of the Otago region, and Remarkables mountains. The 2009 Wolverine film was so popular that it inspired many sequels and crossovers. Hugh Jackman may be the main cause, but don’t forget the beauty of the setting Wolverine was shot in.

Mission Impossible 6 – Fallout

Tom Cruise and his crew traveled to Rees Valley and Cromwell for filming Mission Impossible 6. The blockbuster was a huge budget movie, so it was easy to imagine how impressive the stunts and set constructions were in these stunning New Zealand locations.

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The Hobbit

It would have been wrong to film The Hobbit Trilogy anywhere but New Zealand. This is especially true as the Hobbiton Movie set is located permanently on the North Island. In the hilarious barrel run scene at The Unexpected Journey’s end, the majestic Pelorus River plays an important role.

Peter Jackson was criticized for his interpretation of The Hobbit. This is mainly because he used CGI instead of real-life characters. One thing that everyone loved was the scenery. It showcased the stunning views with which New Zealand is well-known.

The Last Samurai

The film is set in Japan but the majority of The Last Samurai was actually shot in New Zealand. Mount Taranaki, the Mount Fuji that we see onscreen, is a perfect example of the diverse topography of New Zealand.

There are many shooting locations for the Last Samurai, but Taranaki at the foot of Mount is the most well-known. This is the ideal backdrop for the final battle between the Samurai Army and the Imperial Army. The performances of Ken Watanabe and Tom Cruise were highly praised in The Last Samurai. However, several scenes in the film are centered on New Zealand’s breathtaking natural landscape.